[REQ] 13th floor elevapors Django

I am vaping this juice 8 months now and would really like any help obtaining a recipe for this tobacco caramel vanilla milk juice which i really like.
The issue is not this juice being expensive in Greece, but also because of the new laws starting in 2 months which will make it impossible to obtain it.

Any help will be appreciated


Can say that I am really deep into tobacco mixes. But if I were I would use a rocket puppy ry4 recipie and add a dairy flavor. Ry4 double is the star
If the recpie…caramel and tobacco. Add vanilla bourban FA or other with dairy…could be close.

Thank you for your help!

I think I tried something similar but was way off…
Didn’t have the creaminess I was looking for and I think they are using (not sure at all) flu cured tobacco from Flavorah…

I was thinking since Django is a cake, maybe it would have some in it like vanilla cupcake, yellow cake, cake batter etc…

I was also thinking since I like strawberry milk flavors to take one and instead of Straberry to replace it with RY4D


hey daniel

i feel your pain; also trying to get this one nailed down but it is not so easy…

i’ve obtained a couple of flue cured tobacco concentrates (hangsen one lesser known brand), but i think RY4 is the way to go as it might be easier to nail the caramel / vanilla elements of this mix

i do not think flavorah cured tobacco is the way forward as it’s too strong, and the tobacco element of django is quite muted compared to the caramel, in my opinion

really hoping for somebody to help here! been going crazy trying to replicate this one…


Think u r right about the ry4 and think is the source of the caramel
Everytime i add caramel i compare it to django and just cant find it in there
Took an opinion from another django fan and he told me that he thinks there are 5 different types of cream and vanilla in the juice
Hope we succeed our quest at some point and share the recipe here



hey D,

sounds like a plan to me; i definitely do not intend to give up on this one… the more i think of it, the more im thinking of the “vanilla milk” essence of it - how to get the balance with the deep caramel flavour…

i even picked up some freshly bought concentrates today to see if any will work (mostly vanilla’s and dulce de leche but i doubt that is part of it, just had to get it just in case :slight_smile:)

planning on playing around over the weekend with this and will let you know if i ever get there, or have anything else to note

hope others can contribute as well; as this is going to be a mission!


I’ve had a few attempts at this, and I’ve come up with some really tasty recipes, whether or not they match up with Django itself. I haven’t actually tasted any Django for a few months now, so I’ve had to work by memory alone, but I think I’ve gotten pretty close in my most recent attempts.

Here’s a link to my latest attempt.

Current recipe:
Caramel (FA) 0.75%
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.5%
Cured Tobacco (Flavorah) 0.75%
MTS Vape Wizard (FA) 0.1%
Sweet Cream (TPA) 1.5%
Vanilla Shisha (INAWERA) 1%
Vienna Cream (FA) 0.5%

Caramel (FA) 0.75%
This is my go to Caramel. HIC describes it as more of an ice cream topping caramel, as opposed to candy, which I think matches the profile of the caramel in Django pretty well.

Cream Fresh (FA) 1.5% / Sweet Cream (TPA) 1.5% / Vanilla Shisha (INAWERA) 1% / Vienna Cream (FA) 0.5%
This is the “Vanilla Milk” - I didn’t want the full flavor of Vienna Cream - just the body. 0.5% is enough for this. Cream Fresh at 1.5% is the milk note, with Sweet Cream adding more dairy notes. Vanilla Shisha is where the primary vanilla notes are coming from.

Brief development notes are below the recipe. In version 7, I’m gonna drop FLV Cured Tobacco to 0.25-0.5%, as my friends who regularly vape Django say the tobacco is still too prominent in my version. Their general comment is that Django only has very light tobacco notes a few seconds after exhale. I made one version around 0.25% Cured Tobacco, and it’s definitely close.

Does anyone want to add some more notes to get a little closer to an accurate profile? I’m specifically interested in how much body / weight the original has. I’ve been moving away from heavier creams, but not sure if this is the way to go.


ahhh man, this sounds absolutely delicious - really appreciate your reply, as i think it’s saved me a lot of trial and error

thankfully i have all of these ingredients, but no base to mix with! hahah, the sweet irony…

cured tobacco in such a low percentage might be the trick here; will be interesting to see how it splices with the rest…

my wednesday evening is planned, it seems - how long do you recommend steeping this for, a month? i have a few bottles of 15ml django in my vape drawer, so am happy give some (hopefully) useful feedback later in the week

i couldn’t access your recipe though as it shows as private - is the one you shared here identical?

eagerly looking forward to your response; thanks again for responding - i was all but out of hope here!

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Thanks a lot for the recipe and reply!!!

I will give a go myself as well!

Just a question, the FA were added as it was in your stash or you tried with TPA as well and ended up with FA

Also, as I was vaping it, I was thinking to add butter cream to it as I think it might be one of the ingredients


You’re both more than welcome!
I’ve modified the title now, and made the latest recipe public, so the old link will no longer work.
See here instead:
Link: Django (clone) v6

In regards to steeping, I’ve actually found that FLV Cured Tobacco is ready immediately. (Recently read that Flavorah specifically state their concentrates are made to be used immediately.) I have literally vaped this straight after making it, and it’s already very, very good indeed. In my experience, it benefits from my usual shake and heat method, plus overnight steep, which is:

  • shake vigorously for 20 seconds
  • take cap off, place bottle in 50°C (122°F) tap water for 20 minutes or so
  • repeat x 2
  • let sit overnight with the cap off

It’s also probably worth bearing in mind that FLV Cured Tobacco apparently recedes when left for more than a few weeks, though I’ve not waited around long enough to test this yet. I always manage to vape / give away every batch I make before it’s a month old.

P.S. I should add that I feel I’ve not quite nailed the “vanilla milk” aspect of this profile yet. The previous iterations of this had higher percentages of Vienna Cream (w/ Bavarian cream and Vanilla swirl as well) and lower percentages of Cream Fresh. They were absolutely delicious in their own right, but not quite hitting the kind of notes I was aiming for with cloning Django.

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@horizonism ahhh legend, thanks bruv! appreciate you sorting out the link, i can clearly see how much effort you have put into this process. i am still quite a novice at DIY (only started vaping in august) so appreciate the tips.

the vanilla milk part of django is going to be torturous to nail down… i assumed it was leaning toward the caramel more than the vanilla, but i think i was heading down the wrong track there. even grabbed things in preparation for future attempts (fw’s dulce de leche and butterscotch ripple) but have not tried them yet… desperation here…

i dig your steeping method; i have a cheap ultrasonic which i use for around 2-3 hours at a session; maybe two sessions and then leave for a while in a cupboard.

however there won’t be any concern with me having any of this after a few weeks if it turns out as good as i think it will. i’ll be sure to make a tester of your V6 alongside one with @Daniel33 's suggestion of adding butter cream. it might be the key to that “caramelesque” quality i was misreading.

very happy to see this thread coming alive - and sincerely hoping for further discussion here! :sheep:

Forgot to respond to the points brought up by @Daniel33

In regards to FA vs TPA, I used FA concentrates for the primary components of the “vanilla milk”, along with Vanilla Shisha (INAWERA), as I thought it would get me closest to the flavour profile, based on my memory of vaping Django.

Butter Cream (CAP) sounds good! I’ve not tried that yet. I’ll add it to my next order of concentrates.

@horizonism hey man, it’s thirsty thursday so i’m mixing your recipe (finally!)

the only substitution would be DX on the sweet cream, everything else is go… i put cured tobacco @ .3% to be cautious.

i spun the mix around with a badger paint mixer (beats shaking it anyway) and now i’m giving it a whirl on the ultrasonic with water between 40-50 celcius… about an hour of this

after an overnight cold cupboard dwelling do you think it’ll be ready to go tomorrow?

looking forward to this; as you can probably tell, i am quite impatient!

@carnage0 this recipe is definitely for those who can’t wait! Look forward to your feedback!

I was about to respond to this thread anyway, as I bought some Django yesterday, and discovered it was absolutely nothing like this “clone” I created! At first, I was a little disappointed to realise how completely different it was, but after a few seconds of vaping it, I realised I recognized a large part of the profile.

So this has driven me to try again, with a completely revised ingredients list.

This is what I get from Django:

  • dense, rich, vanilla bean ice cream with extra cream [Flavor West Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with some extra cream - I’m thinking FLV cream - fits the bill here]

  • prominent top note of Butterscotch plus a little Caramel, almost exactly matching the profile of Imperial Butterscotch by @thirdworldorder [So for this, I’m looking at using FW Butterscotch (Natural), which is the primary ingredient in that recipe, perhaps with a little help from FLV Butterscotch, and FLV Caramel]

  • subtle, yet distinctive, slightly bitter, green leaf tobacco notes [I have no idea what this is, but I’m **100% sure it’s _not_ FLV Cured Tobacco**; I’ve ordered some Hangsen Flue Cured to see if that’s closer, but it’s a shot in the dark at the moment]

So without testing this, the first iteration will look something like this.
(I assume it’ll require a fair amount of tweaking to get right.)

Butterscotch (Flavorah) 0.5%
Butterscotch (Natural) (FW) 3%
Caramel (Flavorah) 0.5%
Cream (Flavorah) 1%
Flue Cured (Hangsen) 1%
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (FW) 3%
Vanilla Custard (Flavorah) 0.5%

I’ve got almost everything I need to have a go at creating this. (Still awaiting Hangsen Flue Cured in the post, and just had to re-order some FW VBIC). I’ll post back in this thread with results.

In the meantime, for the purposes of creating a really good Tobacco Vanilla Milk vape, that’s nothing like Django, but is still very tasty in its own right, I’d actually suggest going back a few steps in my development process using the original ingredients. This is the recipe that worked best with those components: Sinaloa (Django-inspired Tobacco & Vanilla Milk)

The big advantage of that Sinaloa recipe is that it’s ready to vape straight away!

nice one @horizonism - buying django once more is showing your true dedication to this project we have going here; awesome stuff…!

i vaped your older (and non-clone like recipe) and i really dig it - it’s a lot like my earlier attempts at django, but evolved… much smoother and moreish than what i ever came up with. in my tank it stays, and it will probably be gone before long :slight_smile:

FYI i bought some hangsen flue cured in, but like i said above:

i don’t think hangsen is the way forward, nor “flue cured” at all, perhaps… makes me think the description of django seems a bit airy for my liking, and not sure how true it is… but then again i might revisit hangsen as i don’t think i did it justice in my earlier attempts… and i think you’re right about FLV flue cured not being “the one”.

it’s a shame to see your recipe go down the ‘warning sign’ route, as of right now i don’t DIY any acetonin etc etc. so i’m going to drift off down the other way in the crossroads we find ourselves at and probably mix something using the following as a springboard:

3% - butterscotch ripple (fw)
1% - caramel (fa)
3% - vanilla swirl (tpa)
1% - flue cured (hangsen) vs ry4 (double) (tpa) 3%

i will order butterscotch (natural) (fw) as i do not currently have it in my collection, nor did i think of it… i also have dulce de leche (fw) but have not tried that either, so any advice here would be welcomed!

the madness continues! :ram:

@carnage0 really glad to hear you’re digging Sinaloa! I still love that mix of ingredients.

Re: diketones, I’ve searched high and low for lab reports from 13th floor, even contacted them, but received no response about DA/AP levels in their juice line. The lack of transparency suggests there’s DA/AP present, otherwise it’s almost certain they’d be more open about it, as I’m sure they’re aware of how people’s concerns affect sales.

I originally intended to create something approaching Django without any DA/AP, and Sinaloa is the best I’ve come up with.

I’m personally not as bothered about that any more, though I understand people’s concerns in this area.

I vaped a little more Django last night, and am now almost 100% certain there’s RY4 present in the mix. (I distinctly recognise the somewhat sickly sweet twang at the back of my throat that I get from @Ckemist’s Southern Smoke ry4 blend.) I think the RY4 is where the main Caramel note is coming from, but I’m also almost 100% certain the bitter, leafy tobacco top note is coming from a very different tobacco concentrate. It could be anything, tbh. I’ve not mixed anywhere near enough tobacco juices to be able to discern which particular concentrate is being used.

That said, I made a simplified 10ml sampler of my latest recipe, using Hangsen Flue cured last night, and even with only a quick hot water bath, it actually tasted a lot more similar to Django than any of my previous recipes.

My next tester will include ry4 and a small amount of Hangsen flue cured. I’m gonna try to let it steep for a few weeks and report back with results.

Re: butterscotch, I’ve personally found that butterscotch (natural) (FW) is a pretty complex concentrate. It develops some very interesting notes during steeping (almost subtle berry / fruit flavours after a few weeks), so it makes for some interesting recipes. I’m now no longer certain it’s the actual butterscotch used in Django (I get slightly deeper, buttery notes when smell testing, which reminds me more of @NotCharlesManson’s Royal Butterscotch, might suggest just standard Butterscotch (FW), but it’s still worth buying the natural version, imo, due to its dynamic characteristics.

I’ve never actually tried dulce de leche, so I’m not much use in that area. Excited to see what you come up with down the non DA/AP route though!

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@horizonism hahah yeah man, i’ll be getting through that sinaloa pretty sharpishly!

as for django, i dont think 13th floor really have a customer service / etc focus. i got some django on sale a month or two back and asked them about expiry dates - no response. makes me feel less guilty about trying my best to clone the damn thing. but i think you’re spot on - there has to be some diketone blend working here.

to be fair, if you crack this - then i would definitely make an exception to put aside my giving a shit to try it :slight_smile:

as i’m still fairly new to DIY, i’m afraid i cannot help you much with the tobacco notes here. i did buy inawera’s RY4 which i might try out in my next batch, i could always put that alongside the hangsen and then rock tfa’s double in another bottle.

looking at @Ckemist 's mix, i’m tempted to add a bit of brown sugar and/or sucralose to this one… i think it might support the other sweet flavours and their dominance with the flow of this butterscotch/caramel factor.

also, i’m not going to bother with golden butter / butter cream for now… on reflection i think it’ll just end up being a dead end.

you’ve sold butterscotch (natural) (fw) to me anyway, i’ll definitely get that in my next DIY round (one of many recently, as i am finding all of this to be really f’ing addictive ahahah)

and yeah, i’ll bosh a bit of dulce in the mix too… i don’t see why not… but for some reason i’m quite confident with butterscotch ripple for some reason.

times like these make me realise there is such an abundance of choice out there in regard to concentrate selection…it makes cloning a tiresome, yet curiously moreish task…

Hello all!

Dont know if you managed to get any closer to the recipe…i know i didnt!!!

Any news to keep the post alive and direct us to a direction to make more test would be appreciated



hey guys

i havent had time to try and more attempts due to chaos in my personal life right now, but i have not given up and plan to make some time to try some ideas soon

@Daniel33 - it would be good if you share what you have tried with myself and @horizonism so we do not risk going down the same path - in other words, the more we share - the better chance we have of solving this riddle of a mix

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