[req] ACB - Absolute Creme Brulee by NicoTicket

I’ve searched but yet to find it, other clones of nicoticket yes but not ACB.
I don’t know, perhaps the tobacco absolute component is an obstacle but leaving that aside for the moment I’m looking for a starting point. Thanks for any help.

I don’t have any knowledge of the juice in question, but sounds like Inawera Créme Brûlée can be a good place to start out. The flavor is great as a SA as well and easy to build upon.


I second that… it is a critical component in a couple of my mixes INW creme brulee is awesome

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I have never had the mix you are trying to replicate but I can tell you that INW creme brulee mixed with flavor art Glory is great! Glory is a nutty tobacco blend and I love it and this is coming from someone who doesn’t do tobacco mixes at all for the most part


Yup and thanks, I have that concentrate. Thing is, there are a number of creme brulee recipes in the database and elsewhere but I can find nothing that quite matches the nicoticket formula, it’s quite outstanding, pity they went out of business, I’m on my last bottle of their ACB.

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I see. The desperation is getting closer huh? :slight_smile: Have you asked them about the flavors? Maybe they’ll share the recipe now that they’re out of business like some other companies have done.

The most useful review i found:

If you like CLS or Creme Brulee you will love Absolut Creme Brulee. Absolute is a thick liquid extracted from tobacco leaves which tends to give an earthy, tobacco flavor to ejuice. I’m a big fan of custards and NETs and usually mix my custards with an NET of my choice. Absolut Creme Brulee is an excellent custard flavor that stands on it’s own. When I add something like a natural cavendish, red virginia, white burley, etc. I have an ejuice that, IMO, is ABSOLUTely great! A must try for all custard junkies.

note: Absolute does not give a strong tobacco flavor to this juice. Most vapers hardly notice any tobacco flavor in this at all, giving you room to add your own favorite NET if you choose to do so.

Things you need:

Tobacco Absolute

As this is a bit of an older liquid i would start with FW, TPA or VC V1 CAP. The Tobacco Absolute ill leave for those more knowledgeable like @Kinnikinnick.

@jimmyd do you agree with the above review, nice custard with light tobacco note (creamy, rich, spiced)?
Is this another of their 50/50 mixes?
Can you pick any flavorings out such as brown sugar or some type of sweetener?

Anything you can add about the flavor would be very helpful.

I had hoped that they would release their recipes, theirs were some of the first liquids i bought off the interwebz.


Hello Ken, hadn’t come across that review page. And yes, I’ve got perhaps a dozen or more custard type concentrates from the various flavor houses. Also, I’m quite involved with making my own NETs with several dozen varieties always in process so I am confident I can find what I want to add in that end of the flavor profile.

It’s the NT ACB custard/creme brulee base that has me searching. It IS rich, custard, cream, vanilla perhaps, maybe caramel? and yes there is a fair amount of subtle sweet there. I’ve tried quite a few RY4, custard, vanilla swirl/caramel style recipes but have not quite found the keys to what, to me anyway, makes the ACB so special, that rich fullness.

And I agree, I had seen speculation that Kent might at some point publish some of their recipes but as of yet I haven’t seen that happen. Hence, my asking here.


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So sad that some people just let their recipes die…

There are just so many combinations of flavorings at so many different %s… Trying to clone something would probably make me blow a gasket…

Hope you find the help you are looking for.

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Can’t help you with the recipe you are looking for. But along with the INW Creme Brulee flavour already mentioned. I can recommend this as an excellent finished Creme Brulee flavour Atmos Lab Creme Brulee it has a lovely creamy eggy vanilla pudding taste, with just enough brown sugar flavouring alongside it.

Tpa also did a very good and strong Tobacco Absolute, although I haven’t seen it in stock for quite a while, with the vendors I use.

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From what little I’ve read, it looks like he does his own vanilla as well. (I choose you, @therabidweasel!) With that and the NET, you’re going to be hard pressed to get the recipe exact. You might try some of the latest lauded vanillas like Holy Vanilla (DIYFS), Vanilla Overload (Gremlin), or Real Flavor’s Black Label Vanilla.


“click”…the light just went on. And thanks for that! I just checked my stash on the calc side and counted 17 varieties of vanilla from 7 flavor houses and perhaps none of them will match the depth of flavor of a bespoke version. Huh, so that’s how he did it, in part at least, and whatever else was done to the concoction. I will keep after it though, it is a very special sauce, maybe I can close the gap.:grinning:

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Whew! :sunglasses:

Crisis averted!


Vanilla is it’s own rabbit hole. I loved a juice called Uncle Junk’s John Wayne, but lost my job and couldn’t afford it. It took maybe 100 attempts to get my version.

I haven’t messed with NETS though and I know it has one in there. I have a lot of whole tobacco, but I’m lazy. Anyway, with available flavors, it was easier to dupe the tobacco than the vanilla in my clone to my palate.