(REQ) Adirondack -Seneca/Colden, 7Daze - Reds Iced Apple, BX - Melonlyptus

New to DIY, and just placed my 2nd order of flavors. Ive made a few recipes, tried a few basic mixes of my own. If anyone could give me a shot in the right direction with any of those flavors it would be much appreciated. Seneca may be the best flavor I have ever had, and Ive bought many many 120s of it.

Ive searched here and other places for any kind of clone to get me started on these and havent found any, so any help would be great. Thanks!

Just a heads up.

Most DIY mixers have no clue about commercial juices. Don’t touch them. So your request as it stands will be difficult for most of us to help.

I assume you searched the recipes, if you are lucky someone has a clone marked private. Else if your serious you’ll need to describe the flavours, any links, etc as much information as possible and someone will help you create a starter recipe. Then you’ll need to adjust from there. It’s a hard road.

Fingers crossed for you that someone has one locked away. The chances are low. Get your links and flavour descriptions ready if you want to go down the hard road. The more you provide the better the help you will receive. Good luck mate.


You speakin for all of us again? Please do not do that in the future.

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i dont think hes speaking for all of us , his statements are what is posted on almost every request for a clone , he was just the firat one to answer the request this time

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So let me get you close. You may need to tweak some varibles but it is a starting point.

1.5% White Grape PUR
.5% Watermelon FA
.5% Pineapple Peach FW
.5% Menthol FW
.5% Koolada TFA

Reds Iced Apple:
4.5% Fuji Apple
.5% Menthol FW

1.5% Watermelon FA
.5% Honeydew CAP
.5% Cantaloupe CAP
.5% Mango FW
.5% Papaya FW
.5% Eucalyptus Mint CAP

Hopefully you get a good start on these mixes. Some tweaking will be needed. Best I could do with out tasting it. Please keep asking questions. We may be able to get you a jump on some wonderful mixes.

Are you messing with me or being serious. I can’t tell. If your being serious then chill dude. Really. You take this far too serious. It’s human nature mate. If your messing with me, I don’t get it.

Not this time. I am being serious. If you do not have a clue, then post that. Do not say most people. Good rule of thumb is to speak for yourself and not for other people. There are a lot of people on here that could help.

Please do not tell me to “Chill Dude.” I have a valid point here. What if the OP read that and went well fuck I will run to another site because no one will help me.

So kindly, last time, do not speak for other people. Speak for you and your limited experience.


Sorry for the hijack of the post. I hope the recipes that I posted work out for you.

This was all without even tasting these flavors? Awesome help to get me started. Unfortunately out of the 47 flavors I’ve ordered, i only have a few of your reccomendations. I guess I could try substituting a few other brands.

Ive made a FA Fuji 3.5% and koolada mix. After steeping it has gotten better, but it isnt quite there. Im sure the original had tons of sweeter which Id like to avoid, but it also tastes much more red delicious, not much tartness to it. Im thinking sone menthol will help too. Maybe some strawberry/dragonfruit to up the sweetness a little? I also bought some FA - Apple, ill try adding some of that in.

Also I know you havent had melonlyptus… it is an insane amount of menthol/eucalyptus. Im talking… your first hit will probably have your eyes tearing. Ramping up the wattage helps tone it down a little but you really need to take it easy til your senses get used to it. First time i tried it, i took 1 hit and scrapped my build and put a new one in. But after giving it another shot ive grown to love it.

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

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Yep. I have a knack for looking at a liquid and coming close to a clone without looking. It’s a gift and a labor of love.

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