[REQ] Agent Orange by Mad Murdock

Anyone remember this juice?

There was a recipe that I can’t seem to find. I bought all the needed flavors, tried it, thought it needed some work but it was close. It’s been at least a year since I’ve messed with it and now can’t find the recipe.

It included TFA Mary Jane and FW Capsicum for sure. No other reason I would have had those flavors. I’m also 99% sure it had Cap Cola in there as well. Again, can’t find any other reason that I would have Cap Cola. As for the orange flavor, I’m pretty sure that is why I bought Cap Sweet Tangerine. But it could also contain Cap Lemon Sicily and maybe Cap Lemon Lime. Although I’m pretty sure I got Lemon Lime for something else.

None of the clones I can find contain MJ, Capsicum, Cola and Sweet Tangerine. Most have MJ and Capsicum and one or two have the Tangerine but none seem to have the Cola.


Have you tried doing a recipe search using the ‘search by flavour stash’ option over on the recipe side? Maybe if you select those three flavours (MJ/Capsicum/cola) it might find what you are searching for. It might not, but gotta be worth a shot :+1:

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