[REQ] Air Factory Blue Razz

I tried Air Factory’s Blue Razz juice and am needing some help cloning it.

Here is the description from VaporDNA:
Blue Razz by Air Factory E-Liquid is a delicious blue raspberry taffy candy, balancing sweetness with a hint of tartness to create an extraordinarily well balanced flavor profile all presented in a convenient 100 milliliter Gorilla Unicorn Bottle.

I’m definitely tasting Flavor West Hard Candy in it. It’s very prominent.

I cannot determine the other flavors in it though. The flavorings are blended very well together.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Anyone have any ideas?

A lot of the blue razz flavors are a combo of rasberry and blueberry…it is a tough one but maybe lots of trial and error you can nail it!!

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Real Flavors has a blue razz and OSDIY has a blue raspberry slush I’ve heard good things about.

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Thanks for the positive comment. I’ll be trying a few different company combinations and hopefully it won’t take many versions.

I’ve yet to try the real flavors blue razz, but the OSDIY blue razz slush definitely isn’t in this juice profile I’m going for. Thanks for the info!

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Blue raz by RF is very tasty.

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Awesome. I’ll have to get a bottle and try it.

Don’t forget RF Black Raspberry.
That works really well when paired with FA Raspberry and FW Blueberry.


Awesome. Thanks for the tip!

Any new developments on this front? I’ve been on the hunt for the best DIY blue raspberry flavors and I keep coming up short? I’ve dug so deep researching that I’m getting close to getting more confused than learning anything. I have yet to find that anyone claim they had the bell ringer.

I’m not interested in peach or blueberry flavors either. From all of my research and months of testing I’m confident these flavors are not in the artificial blue raspberry. I’m having much better luck using raspberries paired with citrus notes making my own blue raspberry that way. Any help?


Sorry i took so long to reply. I’ve kind of veered away from chasing the blue razz profile for a bit to clear my head. It was making me crazy lol. I have tried just about every combination of mixes all over the internet and haven’t been able to get close to the flavor I am shooting for. I think I might pick this back up and try again in the next couple of weeks. This time I will be starting from scratch and make a ton of different 10ml variants and see if I can catch this unicorn.


What % for each of those do you like?

The RF Black Raspberry works great around the 8% for me when mixed with the FW Blueberry @ 10% and the tartness of the INW Raspberry @ 4% gives a really nice blue Rapspberry vibe.

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Any luck with this one?