[REQ] - Almond Cappuccino - In a search journey for the clone recipe

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is well and enjoying these days of Easter.

The main goal of the topic is to find out if anyone has ever tried a specific e-juice liq. It doesn’t seem to be widely known, so it is possible that many of you guys never tried it.

The brand is called (yes, a large name): “Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee”, and coffee is not the recipe’s flavor itself; this brand has like 5 different juices and this full name is labeled on all of them.

The flavor I’m trying to clone is “Almond Cappuccino”, and it is pretty much different of any other vape juice I’ve ever tried. Looked up on other vape recipe sites but can’t seem to find any clone recipe of this one, and I’m having a hard time trying to clone it up.

Uploading a picture of this juice. Hope any of you may have any ideas, because I’m not even close to it.

Thanks and cheers!


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2 things come to mind immediately… We need Almond- and we need Cappuccino!! Ha!

Let’s try and reverse engineer this… Give us some flacor notes that come to mind. Creamy? More Almond than Cappuccino? Throat hit? Anything will help.


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is FA Almond pretty much the best one out there still?

This profile sounds amazing.


Pretty much, but it’s dry


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They could have used Toasted Almond , Marzipan etc. Im wondering if there in any hint of a cherry flavor in this liquid


Almond Cappuccino – Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee

Do you really love creamy, aromatic coffee flavors? If so, Almond Cappuccino – Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee 100ml is a must-have. This E-Liquid takes the brand’s signature coffee flavor and blends it with almond milk and the perfect dose of sugar. Truly a smooth and satisfying cappuccino delight that is just as good as an expensive one from the neighborhood coffee house. Yes, it really is that amazing as you’ll soon find out.

When you inhale, those robust, earthy notes travel across the tongue, stimulating your senses with its aroma. Then, pure milkiness in all its silky creaminess satisfies your nutty cravings. When you exhale, a hint of sugar ties all of the flavor components together as you get ready to take another draw.

Almond Cappuccino vape juice from Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee arrives in a large bottle with a great cloud chasing base of 80/20 VG/PG that can be experienced during every vaper’s session.

No doubt, this ADV E-Juice is the perfect treat for java lovers who crave that hint of nuttiness in their vaping lives. Not to mention, anyone who wants to save some trips to the local coffee shop.


Welcome to ELR @LizarbSocram

Allright, here we have @Rocky02852 throwing a stone and hiding his hand… :rofl: :joy: :hugs:

Just joking, if you have to clone the profile you first have to have the profile notes and the ones Rocky posted are fairly extensive, without those, nobody goes anywhere.

Bur remember that we are cloning or even improving the profile, not cloning 1:1 the liquid.

Let’s have a look:

The base is an 80/20, so flavours percentage will be on the “high” side.
Almonds are not a problem, FA is a good one, but let’s think different WF Amaretto (for a boozy type almond) TPA Toasted almonds, FA Torrone, you name it.
Coffees, a lot of improvement has been done in the past two years, SSA’s and VTA have pushed the liit finally to a decent coffe vape.
Creams… well we could push them with a coffee creamer… eg cappuccino coffee SSA paired with a thick cream, milky undertone, FA Fresh cream or even just milk… as per notes… almond milk…
Nuttiness.… sounds like a touch of AP, or… WF Roasted pecans and cream??? I used to do coffee with those…
Sugar, Sucralose not Super Sweet! So FW or FLV Sweetness

So, the profile today can be done and @Rocky02852 might even have a base to start with, ready to go…


That’s where i would probably start with this one; differently to other recipes where i start with the main note and build around it. Make a great almond milk first and then start playing with different coffees (and at the end round them with creams).


I was actually looking at some of the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee eliquids a while back, never vaped any and can’t buy eliquid here but they do peak my interest and think I’ll give this one a go…
Without a lot of Almond flavors in my stash, this is where I am going to start:

The Allman Bros. Cappuccino :

1.00% Almond (Mandorla) (FA)
1.00% Cappuccino (SC)
1.60% Cream (Milky Undertone) (PG) (OOO)
0.80% Cream Fresh (Panna Fresca) (FA)
0.50% Ice Cream (SSA)

Flavor total: 4.9%
(Sweetener to come later as needed)

I have little experience with Almonds… but the Cappuccino SC is perfect for this profile. I wouldn’t call it a cappuccino myself, it’s more like a nutty Brazilian coffee missing the milk layer IMO. There’s a few different milk combo’s I use with coffee but lately been liking the mouthfeel from the Ice Cream SSA which is more like we in New England call Ice Milk (unflavored ice cream)
The only other “almond” I have is Toasted Almond TPA…


@Rocky02852, I believe you may have forgotten the "Obvious Missing Ingredient" :crazy_face:


Too easy… M&H???


After a few tweaks, this is what I came up with and it’s really good :yum:
Not a clone as I have never tried the OG juice