[REQ] Amalfi by Bigglesworthlabs

I love Amalfi from Bigglesworthlabs but can not justify spending $180 just on this juice every month.

“Amalfi e-liquid is a rich, delicious almond cake with a slight note of apricot jam layered in.”

Anyone can give me a hint what might be in there? I suck at DIY and apart from a delicious almond style vape I can not taste anything that would help going into the right direction.


I’d go with something like this.

Cap. Vanilla cupcake 3.5%
Cap Amaretto 1.5%
TPA Toasted Almond 1.5%
FA Apricot 2.5%
Cap Blueberry jam*2.5%
Cap Cotton Candy 2.5%
Cap Buttercream frosting 3%
Not ever having tasted Amafi this is just a WABSITD** of it
*blueberry jam is a very mild flavor, since they don’t make an apricot jam I’m thinking the jamminess of it will bring it together. if it seems too nutty then lower the toasted almond and increase the amaretto to increase the almond flavor. This is kinda on the fly and I don’t have everything or I’d mix it and tell you how it is in about 2 weeks after it steeps.

**Wild Assed Blind Stab In The Dark

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I just went and read the description, seen the price as well you are here for the same reason as me. I couldn’t afford to pay for wifey and I to vape what we liked either. We were going to be spending well over 200 a month since my friend shut his company down and I was gonna have to pay full price for juices. Their description is bare minimum at best. if anything you could add a tiny bit of citrus to it to brighten it up a little. Sour might also bring it about some.

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@daisychainvaper just call me Mr. Get the Ball Rolling. I’m not going to give you a recipe just a little advice from one newb to another. I know someone will hook you up shortly as this sounds like an easy one (Nonna’s cake and Apricot?). The real secret to DIY is not being able to whip up a batch of Amalfi one time, it’s about your ability to whip it up many times …consistency.

This is Chemistry so it’s all about Lab skills and note taking. You need to learn about which Apricot to buy and how to add the exact same amounts every time (mixing by weight). Once it’s all mixed up (several ways to do that too) you may find it takes like cr@p …but two weeks later it’s magical Steeping your juice means knowing how long you must wait before the flavors you mixed “develop”.

Note taking is critical to repeat success. Someone may give you a brilliant recipe, but not to your liking (taste being different for everyone) so you may add a few more drops of Apricot for example …you need to write that down immediately. Two weeks later that same bottle may have developed into “I can’t taste anything but Apricot” and you can make a decision to rollback.

Developing these angles of DIY are a challenge we all face. Developing and following strict Lab protocols means you can save alot of money and branch off into other flavors easily. …but there’s no shortcut on the learning part. This is the greatest resource on the planet but it has it’s issues. We have new people like you every day asking the same questions so take a minute to read some of the other topics under “Latest” to ease our pain.

But no worries! We were all you in the recent past, so welcome. Do lots of reading and accept the friendly advice from the folks on ELR. Use the Search up top and look for threads on “Steeping” “Mixing by wieght” and “Newb” (seriously) One day you can be like me a just-slightly-not-so-Newb paying it forward. I know that just giving you a recipe is how to help you fail …and that’s not how it works on ELR! Best of luck in your DIY journey.
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Damnit this looks good! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my way of making them do the work. I whip up an idea and see if they will run with it. Hopefelly they will take it and do to it what it needs.

I have to agree with you completely. My recipes are on paper and only about 2/3 of them are finalized. The others I’m still changing flavor brands to see if it becomes magical or something that just blows my head off fantastic. I do however have all my mixing notes and each version of the recipe on paper and on my computer. Some of the word docs for a recipe are 7 or 8 pages long. Some day all my recipes will be perfect lol hahahaha that’s never gonna happen I keep hearing about this or that and end up turning it into vape juice.

Samba Sun by Artist Collection

 2 reviews

Bright and über-refreshing like a cold drink poolside on a hot day, Samba Sun greets with sweet, succulent clementine, morphing quickly to airy yet creamy marshmallow before settling into a burst of perfect ripe peach with a hint of harmoniously layered apricot
That’s what I said about this and came up with this

Ripped off from
samba sun
All numbers are %'s’
TFA Nectarine 1
FA grapefruit 3
CAP Juicy Orange 2
TFA Peach 6
TFA Apricot 3
TFA Marshmallow 3
CAP Sweat Cream 2

They (Bigglesworth) are even on the cheaper side compared to some other juice. I would not bother if I just liked this like lots of other juices, but after 3 years vaping (12 month straight VG because I hated all the flavors), Amalfi blows me away completely and I am so clueless where to start with this particular juice. It is not a milky / creamy / fruity stuff like dozens of others out there. It is so unique to me that it is hard to describe.

I have already a bunch of stuff at home and every hint is welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks so far.

I am a newb at DIY, yes, but I know after all these years how juice can develop when steeping a.s.o. So I am aware of the broad range of things one has to keep in mind.

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One thing I might suggest is to come up with three or four versions of it and label the clearly. Make and taste them on four consecutive days make notes for each noting it’s high and low points ideas that might make it better if you do it on separate days you are more apt to be objective toward each one. make sure you take lots of notes on each taste once a week then after three weeks start reworking the original recipes but keep them steeping and tasting weekly for at least three more weeks. you might come up with something that way. It’s gonna take some time but hell I’ve got some I still work on after 8 months trying to find that elusive perfect flavor for what I am trying to accomplish. I don’t weigh my stuff as of yet but I’m very anal about measuring it any partial mg’s are done in a 1 ml syringe trying to be as accurate as I can.

Oh! I love a good detective story! @daisychainvaper oookay here’s some clues Check out Nonna’s Cake (FA) here a super popular new flavoring described as almond cake

and a true apricot might be Apricot (FA) here which I can guess you may already have

Under each flavor read “Notes” (uh you have to click to expand)

Could be just a two flavor recipe with maybe some sweetener (Apricot (FA) described as sweet) Perhaps some Marshamallow (TPA) to round out the mouthfeel (adds sweetness)

Brain mixing (starting low%):
Nonna’s Cake 1.5%
Cake Batter (FLV) 2%
Apricot (FA) 1.5%
Marshmallow (TPA) 1% (or Toasted Marshmallow (TPA!)

Steep time 2 weeks+

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roger that, will report in then :slight_smile:

thank you