[REQ] American star's mr.melon

Any idea any advice on how to make this flavor? American star mr.melon

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Not looking at the juice, you can have a look at

Or the more delicate looking V2

Or something completely different i like

If you like melon you probably will end up getting the cantaloupe/wild melon flavours from flavorah I think. I need to try the tpa ones I bought at some point.


Sorry i bought the flavor i need to know the amount of the statics for 3mg nicotine.

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I am so new on this i dont even know how to use this language on this profession lol

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Did you buy a 0mg nic bottle and need to add the nicotine?
Depends on the size of your bottle

If you have a 60ml prefilled with 50 ml bottle and 18mg nic, you should add 10ml of nicotine to it.

Different fills and bottle size would give a different answer. If you look on the website you bought that from, there are usually instructions.

Ok, the bottle is 60 ml and it has 30ml of melon flavor , what the amount of vg and pg i should add?, i want to know the best statitcs for it i believe it is important for the final taste of it .


As I can see at 60PG/40VG.

If we consider that the flavour is only PG that means you have to add 6ml PG and 24ml VG.

So if you want it at 3mg/ml nic you have to add
6ml PG, 15ml VG and 9ml from VG nic booster with 20mg/ml.