[REQ] Anybody have a clone of tropical hail storm from e-cig barn?

just got into mixing and i love that flavor. i would love to be able to clone it.
any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!

Sup @DrizzleDrops. Post a link and a brief description

A tropical blend of honeydew, mango, strawberry and other delicious fruits gets an icy cool feel with menthol.

I live in the same area and I am familiar with the E-Cig Barn’s juice line. I have gotten the best results cloning their juices using Capella flavors. I would start by searching for a good clone of Mega Melons and then add Strawberry and Koolada at low %. I know they say Menthol but I get more Koolada from this juice and I think they list Honeydew to throw you off, if they do use it is a low %. I’ve been working on a clone of their Kermit’s Blood for the last 6 months and I’ve gotten pretty close but not quite there yet.


dang i only got TPA flavors. but thanks ill tinker around with mega melons see what i come up with.

Listen to @Obi-Wan …smartest thing I read all day

thanks man!

Just wondering how the progress is going with the barn brew kermit blood clone? It is definitely in my top 3 flavors and yet very elusive. Any recipes help or tips would be greatly appreciated

V7 is steeping at the moment, I think I’m close but I’m still working with the percentages to get the right citrus kick.

I am super interested in this recipe but I just started mixing just this past week and I am brand new at all of this. I understand I could keep it real simple or I can get real complex but for now I will go slow and keep it simple. Until i get more experience. Wish I could provide some kind of help but I would love to be updated on this recipe


Fruity good

I know I have spoken to you about E-Cig Barn Kermit blood clone. I don’t want to be a pain in your ass but just curious are there other premium e-juice is out there just like Kermit blood that maybe I can search for a clone. Mostly I am just looking for a starting point. I have a pretty good selection of exotic fruits from capella and some from TfA but I do not know what that front/main note is in Kermit blood. Do you think it is a lemon or lime as i don’t have those flavors and maybe what I’m missing

To be honest the Citus base is what I’m experimenting with now, But I do think it is a lime base. So far I’ve tried Cap Lemon Lime, FW Mt. Dew Type, RF Mt. Juice, Fa lime Tahiti, and Fa lime cold Pressed. All of these have given me very good vapeable juice but not a close clone. I have an order coming this week with TPA Citrus Punch and TPA Key Lime. I have high hopes for the Key Lime. Otherwise my recipe looks like this…Definite work in progress.
2% Pear TPA
4% Cantelope CAP
3% Kiwi Double TPA

This seems to me like a tough nut to crack for me because I don’t eat limes or key lime pie and I am just difficulty on a starting point and a flavor profile goal other than saying I want it to taste like Kermit blood hahaha which is a difficult profile to explain to someone who hasn’t had that Vape juice. Also I find it much easier to try to clone or achieve a certain profile if I have eating that particular food or had that type of drink. To me Kermit blood flavor profile seems to be unique to only that e-juice. I am living in Southeastern Massachusetts and do not think that Kermit blood is very well-known or widespread. Thank you very much for your input and taking the time to respond. Have a good day and if I make any progress I will be sure to let you know