[REQ] Apple and Raspberry Lollies

Hi…i was just wondering if someone has a receipe for Apple and Raspberry lolly. I have tasted it from.one of the local vendors and it tastes awesome. TIA.

Since I have no idea who the local vendor is or the brand name of the the juice (it would be unlikely that they would help anyhow) but shooting blind. I toyed with a mix ages ago but never made it so you would have to do a bit of work my start % were

Fuji Apple (FA) 1.5 %
Gummy Candy (TPA 2%
Hard Candy (FW) 1.5%
Meringue (FA) 0.5%
Raspberry (Sweet) (TPA) 2.5%

If i did actually make now it i would change a few of the flavours to RF SC but maybe the ingredients above could get you started.

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Getting a good clone-copy of somebody else’s creation is one of the tougher things you’ll try here. Just to damn many possible combinations and not enough life time left to cover them all and I lack a row of super computers to keep track of the millions of possible permutations.
What you can do is get close to the general profile of what your after then start dumping in Sucralose until it tastes about right.
Once I got my bottle of the magical Sucralose I realized it’s in virtually every Store-Premium juice out there.
I’ve been off that stuff for a couple of months and don’t really miss it now as I’ve gotten used to my own more tart blends and I’ve been using Stevia as a sweetener but Sucralose sure as hell jumps out at me now when I taste it.
I put just .50% in one of my Chocolate mixes and it changed from dry and just Blaa to OMFG, WTH and that was with zero steep. The 2 week old sample is even sweeter now so not much is needed.
It’s a known coil gunker but the trade off is worth it if you just gotta have that store blend taste.

I’ve been chasing my own clone juice for 6 months now and I’m really no closer now then I was when I started. I know now that all the clone recipes on it are bad copies of each other and none are remotely close all tasting like pure pancake syrup. GAKKK Just the though of some of the early attempts gag me.
I can tell you I’ve got about 2 dozen acceptable home made juices now and haven’t spent a dime in a vape shop in months and damn does that feel good.
@woftam has given you excellent advice for a base line to start from. ( He’s a purty smart feller) :slight_smile:
Above all else have FUN !! Mix a bit, Vape a bit and keep mixing new things.

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