[REQ] Arise Recipe

I’ve been looking for awhile, but can’t find a clone of Arise. Has anybody came across this yet?

I don’t think there are any clones of it around here because it’s basically a max vg version of mother’s milk. There are all kinds of clones for that here, but personally I haven’t tried one that I consider spot on (I’ve only tried the first few of the most popular). Here’s a list of the clones sorted by rating:


I’ve saved a few. I got vapecrafter to make the one with the most reviews and ratings. It tastes nothing like Mother’s Milk though. Don’t know what they messed up. It’s steeping for 2 weeks. Which do you like the best?

Making a mothers milk clone was one of the main reasons I got into diy. I tried a few right away but wasn’t happy with them so I moved on and haven’t tried any since. That was over a year ago, so I’m sure there are newer/better ones out there.

This one looks like it might be promising though. If I was to try again, this would be the one I’d do next.

Keep in mind most, if not all of the clones contain custard. So I would imagine lots of steeping (1 month +) would be needed before determining whether or not you think it’s an accurate clone.

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