[REQ] Aristos From MonsterVape

Hey everyone, first time poster, I am trying to get this clone for Aristos from Monster Vape, the website description is as follows:
“Vibrant berries collide with the smooth taste of natures nectar to create a juice so satisfying, your tongue will be thanking you. Let your taste buds celebrate and rejoice with this delightful juice”,

Its like a savory berry, not a candy mixed berry is the best way I could describe it, I want to say maybe some pear. Just started doing the DIY stuff, any info is great

Can you be a little more specific according to the berries? Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry?


Sorry for the late reply, I would have to say its more of a blackberry flavor

Then I would start out with Flavorah Boysenberry, TFA Pear, add a tad of cream, French Vanilla and some sweetener and see where that gets you. This way you’ll be able to build upon it when you find out what other berries should be in there. Best I can do as I never tried it, lol, sorry.

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