[REQ] Baker's Daughter by Coil Spil & Ohm Baked

Hello all,

I know clones are very difficult, but some recipes often become close.

I’m looking to make two if possible and I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas, recipe’s or suggestions.

  1. Baker’s Daughter by Coil spil (white chocolate, cookie, marshmallow)

  2. Ohm baked (Cherry Bakewell tart)

Thanks in advance.


Greetings Phil
The Baker’s Daughter, you appear to have the base flavours there. My only suggestion would be to start mixing very small batches. Try to see which one comes closer. The one with more chocolate, or the one with more cookie. I tried the search bar for the flavours and the actual name and no luck.
Perhaps others with much more experience can help more. All the best.


I’ve not got the white chocolate though. I’ll need get that :+1:t3:

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Hi Phil , I was asked to clone this last year, ended up with my own recipe which my friend preferred as less sweetner
here ya go try this
sugar cookie Cap 6%
cookie fa 1.5%
biscuit Inw 0.4%
marshmallow tpa 2.2%
white choc tpa 2.2%
meringue Fa 0.8%

its close to the original but doesn’t kill coils lol
hope this helps