[REQ] Baker's Daughter by Coil Spill

Anyone a fan of Baker’s Daughter, white chocolate, cookie, marshmallow by Coil Spill?

It’s one of my favourite juices, I have to have in my stash of vapes.

I’ve knocked together a base of this clone attempt, based upon the possible flavours within its name.

After 4 days steeping, I’m really surprised at taste.
It’s definitely along the right lines, but a little muted and lacks the sweetness of the original.

My next step is to steep for a further few days and test again.

Anyone happy to provide any suggestions, those experienced in making their own juice.

I’ve successfully made around 5 I’m really happy with based on my taste buds and personal preference.
But I’m really keen on giving this clone a go.

As mentioned I’m definitely on the right lines, I just need an experienced mixer to advise on where adjustments should be made.

Thanks in advance Phil


I have zero experience with these flavors or the e-liquid you’re cloning, but…

Have you tried the original versions of your DX and V2 flavors? If you’re really close, maybe it’s just that simple? Put a little DAAP back in there! Unless you’re not into that, then, forget i mentioned it :wink:

Glad you’re getting close, no matter what. Keep on tweaking and seeking. You’ll get it!

Edited to add: It seems to me that DX is like eating Fat-free Butter or drinking Fat-free Milk. It just can’t do what the real full-fat products do. Try to make a Bechamel sauce with Skim Milk! In my opinion, The diacetyl scare was fabricated and the industry changed for unfounded reasons. A few people may be irritated by it, but i know a few people that are irritated by Milk, too! The Milk industry didn’t go Lactose-free because of it.

Sorry for the rant! It just came upon me! I hope you nail your clone!


Have you tried toasted marshmallow tpa in place of the regular? If you are missing a slight caramelized sugar note that could be it.


Totally agree with there. I use real butter not low fat shit that has more harmful stuff in like mono triglycerides just to bring the calories down.

I’m new to mixing what’s DAAP? The so called harmful ingredient in some concentrates thats 300 times less of that in a normal cigarette?


Good idea. Thanks for your input mate :+1:t3:

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That’s the stuff! Diacetyl and it’s friends. It’s what’s missing in the DX and V2s you have


Yeah thought it was. The so called popcorn lung poison.
As I mentioned, it’s at significantly lower levels in that of cigarettes, so I’m certainly happy to use it and in fact I do. Alot of my made and bought juices use it.


Why the DX, then? That could be what’s holding back the goods in your recipe.


Regarding the DX Marshmallow. It’s not that. It’s just marshmallow TPA, ordered from Dark Star vapes.
The DX came up when adding it to my stash. I could only find DX Marshmallow TPA. I couldn’t find just Marshmallow TPA which I found confusing, so I just added that one to the stash. So in fact the marshmallow in my stash is incorrect.
So to confirm its just marshmallow I have. Not DX Marshmallow