[REQ] BAM BAMS Cannoli Clone?

Hi all,

I recently tried the above juice and instantly fell in love with it. in my opinion it is by far the best juice ive tasted and would really like to find a clone. Does anyone here have a clone of Bam Bams and if so would you mind sharing your recipe with me?



Make your pick on any of the cannolis. Never had the cannoli you look for but maybe one of these is close enough.


The only cannoli recipe I have tried is in the list above and is quite good - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/697395/Cannoli%20version%203.0%20that%20is%20a%20TOP10%20contestant%20in%20DOD%20mixing%20competition

so good in fact that I am already trying to adapt it to my preferred flavoring line of real flavors super concentrates

That’s my recipe. Try it without the pistachio. It’s actually a clone of cassadega cannoli be nuts. You can also replace the eggnog with catalan fa.


Thanx for that my friend. Bam Bams has Key Lime in it. Thats the one difference ive noticed. I will use ur recipe and switch out the nuts for keylime. Thank you.

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Cool deal! Let me know what u think!