[REQ] Bamskilicious Lychee

Tried every Lychee out there, I’ve added sweetener, smooth, a touch of this and that and I can’t get anywhere near it, has anyone else managed it?

What Lychee are you looking for? Are you looking for a Lychee based juice that’s nice or trying to find the next best thing to squeezing lychee juice into a dripper? :smile:

I mixed a juice using 9% FlavourArt Lychee (60% VG) and that very close to a real lychee taste. It does depend on what your vaping on though. So you may need to go between 8%-10% depending on what your using. 10% in my test igo was a touch too strong but spot on from my Atlantis. For me 9% is good in either.

Cheers for the reply Billy, I’m trying to get that bamskilicious lychee, I’ve tried FA lychee, cap sweet lychee. I’ll give your suggestion a try at 9% but none of my percentages have come close to the bamski juice. My next attempt will be with added em

Hey @voodoobloo no worries. Trouble is it’s all personal taste right.

I just looked up the juice you were talking about (not heard of the brand before) and someone suggested CAP Sweet Lychee 8% and 2%-3% Pineapple. Apparently spot on after a 1 week steep. Will be interested to know if you manage to crack it :smile:

That’s great mate, cheers. I know I’m missing something and pineapple might just be it so I’ll be giving that a try. Just need a recipe for kraken red lady and my two fav adv’s are sorted

9% sounds high - double actually what I expected, and what the spreadsheet has - but I haven’t tried myself! :smile:

The Lychee (FA) details page say 3.8% avg (2% median) based on 41 recipes (but that is not single ingredient)

I’ve tried all different % as a stand alone with lots of different concentrates, FA at 9% does seem a lot but which ever concentrate I use the flavour isn’t anywhere near the Bamski Lychee, I know somethings missing but can’t put my finger on it, I’m hoping Billys recipe suggestion at least gets me nearer than where I am now