[REQ] Basil killer

Does anyone know of a copy cat recipe for the Alef basil killer juices? I love that whole line, but coming from Israel, it’s kind of pricey. I’d love to be able to make something pretty close.


Unless you try what you are trying to copy, you wont get too close.

With that said… you can pick thru a flavor description and try your hand. you might even make something even better.

@Sprkslfly or @woftam can you move this to clones?? :slight_smile: Please!!!


Thank you.


Work on your solos first, Lisa…
from low to where you think you like to taste them… take notes on those spots…
Go back and look at my site again.

then if you have tried those juices, you might be able to come close… gota put your work in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I know a little history on them, and you can make better juice. :slight_smile:


Ice cold berry red tea slushy infused with the freshest BASIL & Jasmin.
Israel’s Finest E-Juice
The manufacturer behind “Mad modder E-Juice” and “Queen E-juice” reviewed by Zophie vapes,
Wendy Vapes.
-SaltNic Blend for faster effect and less Throat hit
-Super low concentrate percentage
-Ultra low sweeteners
Clean cotton for weeks!

Got it from here https://vaperscoil.com/products/the-alef-basil-killer#

so, red tea with basil and jasmine, super low concentrate (Flavorah, maybe? They have red tea and basil. I don’t know about jasmine though), low sweetener.

What do you taste when you vape it, @Lisa-Garland ?


Not having tasted it makes it hard to run with percentages but since they mention “Super low concentrate percentage” I would be rolling with FLV Red Tea, Flv Basil and FA Jasmine - there is likely something else in there but I have no clue as to what else aside from maybe some Flv sweetness or a stevia mix.

Maybe even MF Jasmine


I can confirm the flv aspect. Worst area to ship to, is Israel. Would not be surprised if it was clones of some of what I have public. I released a lot of things I worked on… like I said… might want to look thru my list and website. I did do a lot of changes on site tho… not sure what is left.


I can say its more than red tea… but sometimes if you do not know what the juice is made of (ie vaped it) one wont be able to make a pure clone. You can make something decent, but not an exact.

who knows… like I said… could be clones of mine… slight adjustments, ya know chance of percentage or just add yet another flavor or… and bam one could call it their own… some folks just are not as moral as others.

try subbing jasmine for hibiscus… never know… :slight_smile:


Definitely raspberry slushie, and maybe jasmine, I never could quite put my finger on it, and of course, the basil.
I’ve never really tried to figure out, or break down what flavors i was tasting…just , if I liked something or not. :blush: all of the suggestions here, are gonna help me to experiment with it though.
Thanks again, everyone!:slightly_smiling_face:


At least you have starting points for the red tea… take out flavors or add…
experimenting is half the fun :stuck_out_tongue:

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