[REQ] Beard No. 24 - Salted Caramel Malt


This is my first post. I am looking forward to being a part of the community. Why not kick off on a clone request that I cannot find anywhere?

I love Beard’s juices, particularly No. 71, but I tried No. 24 about a month ago, and it is a flavor that I missed after it was finished. It is described as “a delicious and creamy malt base drizzled and topped with rich, decadent salted caramel to create a sweet and smooth all day vape. Perfect for those looking for an exquisitely balanced dessert vape.”

As I am a noob at DIY, and am looking for flavoring suggestions. I was thinking that I would start with a custard base (have several, but not sure which one would be best for this application), and caramel (TFA?). I have no idea where to get the malt and salt flavors from, though.

Would EM provide the malt flavor? I don’t even know where to begin with the salty aspect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


The only advice I can give is that I’m a simple fruit recipie oba oba FA at a low percent can give a bit of a malty flavor.

You could start with Salted Caramel-FW and Malted Milk-TFA added to a cream base


That’s a good idea I think. Malted Milk is a little underrated imo. If they use any custard in that liquid, it’s probably Capella Vanilla Custard V1 which is the most popular, so start with that if you wanna use a custard.

The thing with clones is you probably won’t know if it’s accurate until you let it steep for a while… Maybe give it 2 to 4 weeks to decide if it’s close especially if you use custard. Making a few different versions will help you save time.


firstly welcome to ELR man nice to have you around :+1:

secondly you’re right I can seem to find most Beard clones but not No 24 :confounded:

I would suggest Flavor West caramel (salted) for the caramel, maybe a little Malted Milk TPA, double cream /heavy cream of some sort and a bit of Meringue and Marshmallow for the full smooth mouth feel.

I’ve never had it so I don’t know the flavour profile, is it cakey?..or just creamy rich caramel?


Thank you all for your speedy responses.

@Duneatick I did not know those flavors existed. Ordering them today!

@ffrank I love malted anything dessert, so I look forward to trying it. Also, I have pretty good patience, so I have been giving all of my juices at least 2 weeks. :sunglasses:

I’ll definitely post my progress. As soon as the flavors arrive, I’ll start making batches.

Thanks again.

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I’m so new I could only tag 2 users in the post! hahaha!

@Pugs1970 Thanks for the welcome, and for checking for the recipe online. It never hurts to have another pair of eyes checking. It is definitely not cakey or bready. I almost think it has a praline taste. I might try adding a little Pralines and Cream.


Cap Pralines & Cream, I can absolutely vouch for that it’s delicious :+1: can’t hurt to add a little with the salted caramel and cream, leave it a few weeks though :ok_hand:



Not sure EM would give you a malt flavor. Salted Caramel, Marshmallow and Vanilla Custard would give you the Cream and Caramel effect you experienced, the Marshmallow would sweeten it. I might put a few drops of Vanilla Classic in there too?

Check the notes on the percentages most people use for each of those flavors in a mix and test it on 10 ML of base and see what you get? (I might also put a drop of lemon in that)

The description on commercial bottled liquids can be very deceiving at times so what you are tasting may not be what they are putting in it. It has taken me months to clone various flavors only to find out what I thought was in it - was something else.

I hate referring to another forum and someone can delete this if need be. Here’s some discussion on malt on a different forum.

I was also thinking nature’s flavors had a malt flavor but when I Google it I can’t find it anywhere.

Here you go. I finally found it. I have no experience with this flavor. I have used some flavor express flavors though and they are pretty decent the ones I tried.

Awesome! Thank you for the info. I already ordered the malted milk flavor. I will try this if it doesn’t work.

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Thanks for the great info @Maureeenie ! I will try several batches and report. :grinning:


Welcome and happy DIY, have you made the Beard 21?? have a recepie but never tried the original, so cant say if its same, but feel free to try and test and let me no

I’ve been thinking about trying Nature’s Flavors Malt so I clicked on your link and looked at the ingredients in several Malt flavorings.

The Organic Flavor Concentrate contains Gum Acacia.
The Natural Flavor Concentrate contains Gum Acacia.
Doesn’t sound that good for coils, but who knows, might be okay.

The Natural Flavor Extract ingredients: "Natural Ethyl Alcohol and Natural Flavors"
But if it’s anything like vanilla extract for strength, it won’t be as concentrated as the flavorings we’re accustomed to using and it will have quite a bit of alcohol.

Not trying to be a downer here, but thought it worthwhile to mention the ingredients in the flavorings above.

I made this one. It is still steeping.

I don’t know how to onebox. :sweat_smile:

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I would have never thought of using chocolate for a malt booster, but that actually makes sense! I hadn’t put my finger on it before now, but I do get a little bit of a malty background with inawera chocolate cream. I’m working on a couple malt flavors myself right now, I think I might try adding a bit of that to see how it is. Thanks for the link!

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@juice_junkie_lover Fixed it! Sorry.

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