[REQ] Biggie Juice - Rocket Lime

Hi to everyone,
Started vaping couple of months ago.
Started doing my own juice couple of weeks ago :slight_smile: and managed to get quite some good results with recipes found here and there.
Bought a juice recently from Biggie Juice, the rocket lime which is honestly fantastic and I wish I could found a recipe or at least get close to it.
If anyone is looking for a nice and fresh limy juice for this summer, go ahead this is a killer one.
If anyone can try to figure out the recipe, that would be brilliant as this juice is hammering down my wallet :slight_smile:



Having a hard time finding a description on this Malaysian ejuice.

Can you give some details on the juice itself to help us out a little?

Thanks TinMan1 for your answer.
As you say it s quite difficult to find any info on that juice.
As I taste it feels like a mix of different lime flavors, fresh, sweetener (quite a lot actually) and a little something extra that I can’t put a word on. I will chat with the shop guy. Maybe he has an idea.


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Official description. Doesn’t give much hint …
Biggie Juice’s most popular flavor Biggie Juice Rocket Lime is a refreshing all day vape that boasts a plethora of lime flavors. Super tasty and citrusy. Must try for citrusy lovers!