[REQ] Black Axis Peachy Keen

Anyone have a clone for Black Axis “Peachy Keen”?

I offered to buy the 6mg max vg recipie before they closed but never recieved a reply prior to the domain being taken down. Haven’t been able to find anything close to it in quality/flavor/smoothness.

Really interested in the VG & nic brand they used as well because I have a bottle from 2017 that is still clear as glass without going in the fridge. Not to mention how long coils lasted.


I don’t have what you’re looking for but I wanted to welcome you to the forum!


Always happy to meet friendly folks🙂


Welcome to ELR @Straightwhiskey81. I have never heard of Black Axis of Peachy Keen, so I can’t help out in that regard. What profiles were in it ?


It was pretty much what you’d expect biting into the middle of a fresh juicy peach to be minus the tart skin (I’ve notived alot of companies try to replicate the skin part which I’m not a fan of).

No candy notes whatsoever, no dryness or throat hit. It’s possible that there may have been a touch of tangerine added in.

The last company who had something similar was Kickass Ejuice, they went under in late 2015-early 2016 so I don’t have a sample of that tucked away any longer.

The image below is a bottle produced a few years back, still amazed that the juice hasn’t oxidized/turned yellowy-brown.


Flavor Profile:
A fantastic blend of several different peaches, a peach lovers dream!


DIY Peachy Keen ejuice recipe :: e-Liquid Calculator (e-liquid-recipes.com)

Recipe is from 2017, if you had coils that lasted a long time, I would omit the sweetener, and feel free to substitute white peach for a secondary peach that you may have.

Things I would consider adding/keeping in to maintain flavor profile:
Base- 70vg/30pg
Juicy Peach TPA - 4%
White Peach FA - 1.5% or your preference of a pure peach flavor 1-1.5%
Pear TPA - 1%
Orange Cream TPA .5% OR Peaches and Cream WF .5%

Recipe: Check cookies