(REQ) Black cherry marshmallow by virgin vapor

You sound like you’re not familiar with Virgin Vapor juices, Correct?

to quote from their webite:

Our ingredients are simple:

    pharmaceutical grade Kosher nicotine
    organic pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin
    pure, distilled water
    certified organic flavors

Does that alter your advice any?

Actually, @nezam , they are much the same as OSV ( Open Source Vapor) in this much, So the OSV recipes preserved on this site by @Anonymiss might serve as a very good guide to the kind of recipe Virgin come up with.

Many recipes will combine 2+ of the same flavor to make a fuller …more realistic fruit/bakery/cream. Many of the flavors we use are only a very thin slice of the flavor named on the label (example Apple or Strawberry etc?). You might notice many recipes will have 2 Strawberrys or in this case Cherrys.

Finding the magical combination of Cherrys will be a big deal, best of luck! …but you can speed your discovery by reading existing recipes using one specific Cherry …it can be even more helpful to see what %s other people have mixed Bing Cherry (Flavorah) (low!) After Searching the “Resources” -> “Flavor List” on ELR Home, go down the page and read “Recipes” and “Notes” for other shared info on a flavor.

Ok, I understand.
I will start as @jay210 suggested with making a big quantity on MF black cherry and then make my samples starting from there.
Will report back with results.

Dear @jay210
I ment the Botanic Elixir Black cherry is out of stock :smile:

I bought the MF Black cherry and RF Marshmellow to start with


Best of luck! And do let us know how you are getting on with it.

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