(REQ) Black cherry marshmallow by virgin vapor

Dear expert members
this has been my everyday vape for a long time but unfortunatly cant affored it anymore and need you help to dyi a clone or a recipe near to this.


@nezam Helping to better show this one to the others for help.

This flavor has consistently remained on the best seller list. It features a true black cherry taste paired with a light, powdery, marshmallow sweetness. Even customers who generally don’t like cherry flavors tell me that this flavor has them coming back for more! This flavor has no fake, chemical cherry taste, only true, sweet black cherry.


Hmmmm… I only have Black Cherry (FA) and haven’t quite nailed it down successfully to not be cough syrup… maybe @woftam or @VapeyMama could help out? I think they were talking about cherries awhile back. Maybe @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit, too?


Hello! I’m not an expert, so I hope it’s ok to post a reply. I do know a bit about Kai’s Virgin Vapors. If you are looking for a close-to-the-real-thing clone, you may want to check out Medicine Flower and Nature’s Flavors extracts. VV only uses Organic, Diacetyl-free extracts for their regular line, and most likely a pure no-alcohol extract for their alcohol-free line. From all of my searching, these two companies are the answers I’ve found when trying to figure out the companies used for their e-liquid.


MF doesn’t have a Marshmallow, so NF may just be it.

I’ve been using Black Cherry NF and Marshmallow NF recently and can say that they are very good flavors. I’m using the NF Organic Extracts (that may contain Daiacetyl), though, you can find those at diyvaporsupply.com for smaller, less expensive bottles than going direct to NF for the Organic Non-diacetyl Extracts. The Marshmallow is very, very good! The Black Cherry, I’ve found needs a little boost from another Cherry, or maybe I’ve not tried it at a high enough %…

If you don’t want to fool around with all of this trying to get as close as possible stuff, any highly recommended Black Cherry and Marshmallow flavour should be just fine!

Good luck!!

Edit: Also, Virgin Vapor is PG-free, which works welll with MF and NF.


Pina colada was my favorite, I think I got 1/4 of the shares in Virgin Vapor, I did keep all there bottles, very nice bottles, with nice round caseing.


I really haven’t tried tons of cherries, I’m happy with Cherry SC RF, its definitely not cough syrupy, but it’s not at all a black cherry either.


Cherry is a tough one for sure - I don’t think any of the cherries I have would fit the bill as a Black cherry. I am looking to expand and get this one as soon as i can find one of my prefered outlets that stocks it.

Maybe this will fit the bill for your juice while I have not tried the juice or this flavour I trust @MysticRose 's palette implicitly.


Thank you all for replay and help, what a nice community :blush:
I live in Italy and already tried to by from NF but only for shipping they charge $60
I will look now for MF and see the cost.
The samples I have already made and had a horrible results are:

Natural concentrated Flavor from here 10%

FA Marshmallow 4% and DEA Almond 1% ( I heard that they use also Amaretto or Almond in this e liquid )

Also I tried
Black Cherry LA and Marshmallow FA with Amaretto CAP with same percentage but the result is the same, very chemical taste and smell.
when you open original BCM from virgin vapor the smell is like a strong fresh cherry almost like a Jam and so fruity.
Now I will try to buy from MF and see if the shipping cost is affordable.


thank you so much I will try with MF


To me BCM taste much more like sweet cherry and not Blck cherry at all.
hope we come up with something atleast near :smile:


My favorite cherries so far are Wild Cherry and Cherry Pie from Real Flavors. The pie has a smooth fluffy texture but no detectable crust as far as I could taste. The other good one is Cherries by Inawera. Be sure it’s the plural CherrIES not just Cherry which I’m told tastes like rat poison.

@R113 has a technique for adding low % of Marzipan which apparently has an amplifying effect for the cherry, he also recommends Natures Flavors cherry. Hopefully he’ll pop in and offer his wisdom.


I hope you succeed in this adventure! @jay210 knows most if not every way to get MF in Europe, I believe. Hopefully she can assist!

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Hi Nezam (and thanks to @Plunderdrum for using the magic call button :slight_smile: )

Well, Virgin Vapor are natural, organic and PG-free, do there are only a limited number of suppliers they could be using. Years back, it was said that they use Medicine Flower, so I reckon that Plunderdrum’s on track there Plus I’ve managed to replicate a few of my old favourite Virgin flavours using MF!

but hey! Medicine Flower don’t do a marshmallow! :S. so that’s a bit trickier.

As for the MF Black Cherry, you can try a dilute version (Botanic Elixir) at much lower cost from this place:

And if you want the concentrate, it’s probably cheaper (shipping-wise) to buy it from here:


i must warn you, though that Black Cherry is a bugger of a flavour to work though , requiring insanely long steep times . Check the Flavour Notes, here, So I hope you’ve got some in reserve! or a second-best flavour to chuff for now?)

Now, I’m reaching the end of my attention span, so I’ll make a 2nd post about the marshmallow!

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OK, so here’s the Marshmallow part: probablly , your best best for a natural, organic marshmallow (such as VirginVapor might use) is NF , as already mentioned.

You could, however save yourself some expense by buying RF marshmallow from here or elsewhere in Europe.

But wait! the flavour in marshmallow comes from vanilla and sugar. So I’ve an idea that what Virgin actually used might be MF Vanilla (available from the merchant I linked to before) plus some kind of sweetening agent…maybe,

If you’re making a high VG , or even 100VG mix, I 'd hold fire on the sweetening agent until after tasting it (because VG is sweet!) . And then? perhaps try adding some organic Stevia? Or one of the natural brown sugars, perhaps?

If I were you, I would mix a great big bottle of MF black cherry right away, get it steeping , then subdivide it to experiment with various marshmallow combos . None of the other flavours will need near as much steeping as the Black Cherry. And if you do find a combo that works , then you want to be in a position to make loads of it…enough to last until your next batch finishes steeping.

Finally, I’ve found that the best way to replicate Virgin flavours is to keep it as simple as possible, and keep it MF. With that in mind, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if simply Black Cherry (MF) plus vanilla (MF) does the trick!

That said, I tried their Black Cherry Marshmallow, years ago, and didn’t much like it, so my vague memory of the flavour won’t be any help, I’m afraid.

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Dear @jay210 can’t imagine how I appreciate your help :smile:
at lowliving they are out of stock for black cherry, i will try to find it somewhere else.
how about the amaretto which I heard it is there also?
as you suggested I will make the big container of MF Black cherry but can you please help me with percentage of each flavor?
I will make high vg

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You’re welcome, Nezam :slight_smile: I think you mean Raw Living ? *chuckle * ( i.e. the site I linked to) When did you check? I checked them just now, and the Black Cherry is in stock, now!

I’m afraid I haven’t tried the Amaretto yet. You might (or might not) find some pointers in the flavour notes on this site (If you haven’t found them yet, go to Resource Page, blue link at top, then go to User -Menu drop down list, top right. Select Flavour List, then do a search ).

You might find out more info by doing a forum search . Some people post loads of flavour notes on the forum, but not in the “Flavor” Notes database

If you’d like to try an alternative cherry, then MF White Cherry is very well spoken of, and will probably need less steeping.It’s bound to taste very natural (being MF). It won’t taste the same as the black cherry, though!

As for %: I’d try the Black Cherry at 0.8% (or 8% if using Botanic Elixir) . Only go higher only if you think it really needs it after 2-3 months steep.

Others here are better placed to recommend a % for the other ingredients (I;ve not enough experience with them) . But do be very cautious, and aim on the low side.

I mix PG-free, myself, and dilute the mix with food-grade distilled water to the desired consistency.

Hope this helps!

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Technically “Black” Cherries are Bing Cherries …sweeter and less tart than other cherries (actual fruit). There are some Bing Cherry flavs …Flavorah and RealFlavors. Marshmallow is typically a “mouthfeel” add (like 1%?), but that’s usually not enough to experience a full-on Marshmallow flavor. A recent recipe I made that starred Marshmallow as a flavor (Classic S’Mores) used 6% MM (TPA), which initially made me curious, but it turned out good (and Marshmallow-ey). You are on your own with NF VV and MF %s, but you might need to go bold on the MM to stand up to a sweet meaty Cherry flav …would guess the Commercial target of the OP has some sweetener. This is starting to sound good tho… and more than one Cherry is commonly accepted strategy …perhaps Cherries Inawera ( 0.5%?)

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hi @jay210 ok I found it :grin:
Botanic Elixir is out of stock, I will use your suggestions and will report back the result.
thanks again

Dear @BoDarc thanks for your note
Sorry for my bad English but do you mean that I should add more Marshmallow and also another cherry flavor to adjust the taste and make it more fruity?
BTW your recipe ( Classic S Mores) sound really good and it is my next liquid to try

Where are you looking? :S
Here’s the black cherry:

They even let me add it to my cart, experimentally (I already have a full bottle, so wasn’t gonna pay for it) )

And here’s the first page of the rest of them:

Only three of the flavour exctracts are marked as out of stock. However, all the other MF products (balms etc) seen to be out of stock. Maybe that’s what caused the confusion?