[REQ] black flag risen enriched

Hello, I’m new to the forum, I’m from Spain and here there is a great vaping love, I’m personally looking for the perfect clone of a particular flavor, “Black flag risen enriched” from five pawns, I hope to find this clone since it is my favorite flavor
Thank you very much for your colaboration

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Welcome aboard. This may help u in your search Clone Request Helpful Guidelines
Gl to u!


Black Flag Risen Enriched - Five Pawns E Liquid

The flag has officially risen, Five Pawns is back with this delicious e-liquid called Black Flag Risen. Black Flag Risen by Five Pawns features Virginia rich tobacco leaves, truffle ream flavors, walnuts, decaffeinated cappuccino, topped off with a dusting of mocha goodness. This comes together to deliver a very nice tobacco and coffee experience. When it comes to innovative complexity Five Pawns pushes the envelope of how e-liquids are created. This enriched formula has been barrel aged to perfection.

Primary Flavors: Walnut, Cream, Cappuccino, Tobacco, Mocha,


ohh dear :man_facepalming:


I don’t think I could vape this, the cappuccino is decaffeinated :rofl:


What wimp-dick ever decided that there should be such a monstrosity as decaf cappuccino?


INFIDELS! :smirk:


nobody has a recipe?

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Have you looked on the recipe side? There’s a few over there and one that’s been rated 5-star by nine people. Give a look here: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/list?q=Black+Flag&missing=0&exclsingle=0&adaptedfrom=&sort=score&direction=desc

I took the liberty of sorting by “Rating” so that the highest rated recipe comes up first. I’m unsure of how closely the recipe mimics Black Flag Fallen as Five Pawns was always too expensive. Hopefully one of these will be a good clone for you, or will at least open the door to see what needs tweaking anyways. Cheers!


Five Pawns E Liquid, but I bet its a well kept secret.
@paingawd shows you where The fun begins. Good luck in your endeavors, I stray away from tobacco flavors, and don’t do decaf anything :slight_smile: but glad I could help a little.

OH and Welcome here :smile:

@robin’s recipe looks fine, and not tobacco!
Black Flag Fallen v.1 :

3.50% Caramel (TPA)
0.30% Coffee (Kona) (TPA)
0.30% Coffee (TPA)
0.50% Dark Bean (Coffee Espresso) (FA)
2.50% Double Chocolate (Dark) (TPA)
2.50% English Toffee (TPA)
2.00% Sweet Cream (TPA)

Flavor total: 11.6%
Remember to rate it at: Check cookies


Its really close to the old recipe, but theres still something missing. If i made it now i would omit both TPA coffee’'s and add !% Fresh cream fa.


There is also black walnut in Five Pawn’s description

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The recipe was an adaptation of the original black flag recipe I remember tasting dark chocolate, coffee and some sort of caramel and creams. It could be just my tatse buds though. I didnt have many flavors to play with at the time. Although it was really close.
Five Pawns decription of the original recipe
" Decaf double espresso infused with black truffle cream.
This decadent, bold, yet multi-layered liquid is almost more reminiscent of an espresso based desert than your traditional tiny cup of Italian coffee. The finest quality espresso beans allow for a multitude of subtle flavor notes "

@rob331 it’s likely a very close variation of this existing clone. Try this and add some Walnut at low percentages and any other flavors listed in the Reisen. I’m betting @robin spent months just doing the coffee party

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Lol yes i did lol

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I totally agree with @Robin with the Fresh cream theme, I have not been doing my liquids for a long time and I have done several tests but I lack aromas for tests, all I have done can be vaped and they are not bad but they are not exactly what I look for, not having enough aromas and find something sweet missing I put a sweet commercial liquid that I had and something improved, it is “Loaded de Smores” a liquid that is a sweet sandwich, in order I continue with my tests and thanks to everyone for your comments.

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is curious but on the page of “five pawns” the liquid that I buy and consume does not appear, only I see “Black Fag” and not “Black Fag risen enriched” which is the flavor that I like the most. I leave you two pictures so you can see the difference, I do not know if they do not sell it anymore or if it is a European version ¿¿??


as you can see are two different liquids and I think that in taste they are also different, although I have only tried in risen enriched


*The original version of this flavor has been discontinued and the name Black Flag Risen - Enriched has been simplified to Black Flag Risen.

Inspired by an eccentric drink called “Cigarettes & Coffee” at a local Five Pawns watering hole. We’ve introduced a hint of flue cured sweet Virginia tobacco leaf to our cappuccino, truffle cream, and mocha dusted black walnut to mimic two flavors that go together like no other.

Notes: Decaffeinated cappuccino infused with a light truffle cream, accentuated with mocha dusted black walnut and just a hint of flue cured sweet Virginia tobacco leaf.

*All orders received after 1pm will be shipped the next business day. Delivery is free anywhere in the USA for all orders over $25.00.

One thing they have not changed is the outrageous price, so I hope (and I know) you can find a suitable replacement.
$20.00 for 30ml :roll_eyes:

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That’s what my local B&M charged for their house juice-And they wonder why I stopped coming in to buy?!?!