[REQ] Black Ice Blast by VIP

Would like some help on trying to replicate this flavour from VIP for a friend, its called Black Ice Blast and they describe it as:
A super smooth blend of menthol and blackberry make this a refreshing and original vape.

Full menthol taste with a juicy dark hit of blackberry - a five star rated combo.
Any Help welcome

I have Menthol Blackberry and Koolada and various mint flavours
Just not sure on quantities to use

Flavor west has a blue ice. http://m.flavorwest.com/item/323534

Maybe start there and add some blackberry. This fw flavor is pretty good. I’ve tried it before. I also LOVE bakers flavors ice cold. You could use thay with some blackberry and have the best cold blackberry ever!

Yes seen that but ive just placed order today and ordered some Fw Extreme ice so will try that with some blackberry would imagine its same effect

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I did a recipe similar to that, FW cool effects, FW backberry, and FW menthol. 4% blackberry, 10 drops of menthol and Kool Effects in a 30 mil bottle. Vaped it all in like 3 days.

I actually vaped the VIP Black ice blast today and the fruit flavour is very pronounced but more like black current than blackberry.
Think I going to try two testers when my concentrates arrive tomz
One with Blackberry / menthol / and extreme ice and one with blackcurrent and compare them to VIP

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