[REQ] Blind Eye by Blvcklisted and Venom by Bamskilicious

Was hoping to gain some assistance with creating two clones or if there are recipes out there please share with me.

The first is - Blind Eye by Blvcklisted
described as a mixture of sweet rasberry, watermelon sweet tarts candy, and a suble hint of citrus.

The second is - VENOM by BAMSKILICIOUS
described as a delicious and refreshing blend of fruits with a slight menthol kick.

I have two friends that are going broke buying theses juices one of them is even thinking of going back to the stinkies because he is spending $25 a day buying his adv.

I appreciate any and all help in regards to these recipes in advance.

Here are a couple of tested suggestions for you:
(Hint: Read all comments)

Aqua Berry Blast

: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/9726/Aqua+Berry+Blast

7% Blueberry (TPA)
2% Koolada 10% (TPA)
1% Sour (TPA)
4% Strawberry (INAWERA)
9% Watermelon (TPA)

Flavor total: 23%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/3Rx

Toucan’s Tank Sauce

(YAL) : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/348905/Toucan%27s+Tank+Sauce+%28YAL%29

3% Acetyl Pyrazine 5%
4.5% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
0.3% Bergamot (FA)
0.4% Blueberry (INAWERA)
0.5% Brown Sugar (TPA)
9% Fruit Circles (TPA)
0.3% Lemon (FE)
2% Sour (TPA)

Flavor total: 20%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/2Lz5

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Instead of trying to create a clone for someone blowing money on expensive retail juice, why not try to make something better? Alisa’s suggestions look to be very good. You could also find out their flavor profiles and try to make them something they will like better. I have a buddy that up until recently requested clones of various juices. I asked him over a month ago what he likes. He mentioned fruity, sweet, tart, etc. A blueberry juice came up. It was a yogurt base. So I made him a really flavorful blueberry yogurt juice with nuts and a banana back note.

After a month of steeping and feeding him other recipes to try I gave him a bottle of the steeped blueberry banana yogurt. He likes it better. I also put together a few flavors based on his profile and gave him 6 recipes to try the other day. He is now buying juice from me for a very reduced price. And he is no longer trying to get me to clone other recipes.


THAT’s how it works!! :smile:
I have two friends that I’ve worked with like this now and they are
both off of the ‘Premium’ purchases. They both say they are so
happy and my mixes are better than what they used to vape.
(not meaning to brag… just sayin’ )
DIY is the way to go. I encourage others to try to DIY, but not
everyone has the time or space to work with it all.


@Alisa, I have had the pleasure of trying some of your creations straight from you and I would say that they definitely could be called “Premium”!!! So you have every right to brag!!!


Thank you so much for the recipes… I am a little lost as to your “hint read all comments” I feel as though Im missing something.

The aqua berry blast sounds just about perfect and I can make it I will just have to sub the inawara for tfa or fa strawberry

the toucan tank sauce is another story all together. I will need to make another flavor order. I have a very large order coming right now and im a little over budget this month already.

thank you again

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@ LordVapor
I am trying to keep one friend from going broke and the other from going back to smokes. Unfortunately the one who would go back to smoking is super picky and the recipes that I have made myself so far are not doing it for him…

Ultimately the goal is to make all of his juice for him and just have him pay for his flavoring. I enjoy mixing and dont mind if he pays for the raw stock.

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Oh, I just mean … if you are looking at those recipes I listed, click on the link to the originals and read the comments from the mixologist that made them and the comments at the bottom of the page from others.

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It would help if your flavor stash was shared. Then others could see what you have and maybe put some recipes together for you to try. Your friend that likes sweet and tart sounds like my friend. Every time he bragged about a retail juice, a week or two later I handed him something better. And I am no seasoned veteran.

Based on your Blind Eye description of Blind Eye, How about this?..

Blind Eye - Clone Attempt

Ingredient %
Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy (CAP) 2
Lemon Sicily (FA) 1
Lime Tahity Cold Pressed (FA) 0.5
Malic Acid 10% solution 1
Mandarin (FA) 1
Raspberry (Flavorah) 1.5
Watermelon (Flavorah) 2

Flavor total: 9%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

I don’t even have all these flavors to try it. If I had the original I would have a better idea.


Thank you Lord Vapor. Sorry im new to the forum and didnt even know that I could share my flavor stash. I have to update my stash seeing as I just got a large order in today. Your clone attempt seems quite reasonable. Im gonna have to see if I can give it a go with what I have on hand. However all of my flavors for the most part are TFA and i know for a fact that I do not have any cotton candy or anything like it or any mandarin… maybe in my next order. I kinda broke the bank on the one that just came in.

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Stupid question of the day. How does one share ones flavor stash. Just looked thru the options and didnt see any way to link my stash.

Thank you. I had read the comments and just thought that i had missed something.

At the top of “My flavor stash” is a checkbox to make it public. At the top of “My page” there should be a link to your flavor stash - also when you click your username on a recipe, you should get a list of your own recipes, with links to your stash, ratings etc :smile:

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Cool. Thank you very much daath. should be public now. Fingers crossed


@Nika_Monster I feel your friend on the wish for a Venom clone that stuff is soo good. It is to date my favorite Juice. I have been mixing for a short time now I have some stuff I like but nothing I have ever tried store bought or mixed by me or friends taste as good as venom.

Wrong posting my bad