[REQ] Bloodsukka vampire vape

Hello i am looking for a recipe bloodsukka recipe . I have to many batches trow away .is there anyone that have a recipe clone for blood sukka .ots a hard liquid to make .



Ooh no .i shall delete the post


You don’t have to delete the post. Lambu only posted on the wrong post. Anywho, we will need more info.
Like what is the profile of bloodsukka? Most people here do not vape commercial juice and therefore we won’t know most of whats out there.

Blood Sukka E-Liquid is a sweet berry mix of ripe red fruits, summer berries and juicy cherries. This explosion of flavour is enhanced by a hint of eucalyptus and a dash of menthol, making the overall taste full bodied and fresh. Blood Sukka also includes a sweet trace of aniseed which gives a hearty throat hit when paired with the ice-cold menthol breeze


Aah thanks next time ill type more information.

This flavor is used in the netherland about many people .i hope there was a recipe for the clone .i tried on google .not any one has try it to make …


@Kelvinno this reply is to you, but since I am quoting Dan, the forum software automatically replies to him. :wink:

I instantly think Inawera reading that.

Anise is obvious… for the “juicy cherries”, my preference would be Inawera Cherries.

As for “summer berries”, I would start with Harvest Berry (Cap), and go from there.

There could be an additional menthol though, given the “ice-cold menthol breeze” reference. I would consider using FLV Ice? for that (no experience with it personally).

Regardless, hopefully the above gives you a better idea of how to do a BASIC dissection of a recipe by the description they provide (sometimes). :wink:

I wish you luck though. Maybe you’ll be able to get close enough to find something you enjoy!


Thanks mate .ill try it :+1::grin:


@Kelvinno welcome to ELR