[REQ] Blueberry by Heavy Cream (Help with creating recipe)

I’m looking to create a recipe from a retail brand called heavy cream,specifically their blueberry heavy cream.if anybody is familiar with this brand any advice or recipe would be greatly appreciated


I assume you’re talking about the liquid shown here:

If it’s not it, please provide a link to the one you are asking about. :slight_smile:


I saw you trial

If you’re looking for a true clone, you gotta think a bit more simplistic. Most commercial recipes aren’t all that complicated. 4, 5 flavors maybe. If you’re using 10, you’re complicating things a bit too much.

In your recipe development, I also wouldn’t add super sweet from the start. First focus on your base flavor and when that’s right, add sweeteners to taste. Especially sucralose isn’t going to alter your flavors, it’ll just be an additional layer of sweetness. 1% is quite a lot too, it’s going to gunk up your coils like a madman.
If you’re already using sweet cream and marshmallow, chances are you’re not going to need any additional sweetening.

The original recipe is a max VG juice. VG is a bit sweet too, so adding PG and sweetener doesn’t look like an ideal solution (unless you’re having issues with wicking).


Yes that’s the one!