[REQ] Bobas Bounty Clone? Any one close to cracking the recipe?

I’ve tried just about every cloned recipe out there, but to no avail. I have taken a stab at creating my own, but to no avail. Anyone else out there that knows my frustration?

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Here is what I think it is… I made this a year ago but I just edited it to allow it to not be private.

If I was to edit it further I would prob cut that amount of honey in half. it’s such a powerful flavor and scent lingers for hours.

I also wasn’t attached to the tobacco flavor so that could be subb’ed with whatever you have on hand. but it will change things a bit.

The task of cloning BB has finally beat me! I fully accept my failure and serve as a warning to others. I have just decided to buy it when there’s a really good discount and work on mixing original juices.

I’m done.


I should buy this liquid at some point, to see what the fuzz is about :smile:

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@Compguy, I have found in my search that FA honey is hands down the best honey on the market. Tastes just like nice clover honey should taste.

OH trying the original and trying to reproduce it for a while made me fall in love with Honey. But I can’t vape anything with honey inside. the smell lingers for so LONG! Heck I was wearing a shirt the other day that I must have worn one day when I was vaping it and i swear I could still smell it.

But about Cloning of juices. I think it’s strictly has to be about the fun and challenge to come up with something that comes close. Doing it for any other reason just doesn’t make any sense. I had a Juice I love from the Vapor Chef “unicorn poop” - I have cherished that 6ml bottle for a year. and once and a while I drip a couple drops. But through DIY I came up with a juice that is inspired by that juice. I don’t think you could or I should clone it because of how wonderful and deep the flavors taste.

Before someone asks about the inspired juice “stripper juice”. To me it reminded me a stripper I knew and it was full of cotton candy, flesh, crushed dreams and sweat.

ACV? Apple Cider Vinegar?

yup you’re most certainly correct. it really does help some of the flavors to come out with this one.

I’m really thinking about making a bottle of this. I haven’t made any since last summer and it’s a nice sit out on the porch and have a vape and a beer flavor.

saw this, I saw some older clone recipes on a site, I’ve been converting them and posting them here as I find them. I just made some today and couldn’t help myself to try. strong tobacco taste, I don’t get anything else from it but hey gonna try again. never had the original but i feel that its a juice worthy that everyone should try