[REQ] Bord o2. Last Belle Époque

Has anyone tried this or know of a clone. The flavours are cheesecake, lemon, coconut, pancake and vanilla. It was a favourite of mine for ages but a bit pricey. Any ideas?

Should be la Belle Époque. Mistype

@daath. What does the orange pencil on the reply mean?

It means the post has been edited. :slight_smile: Sorry I can’t help with the clone!

Ok thanks,

Sounds like a wonderful ejuice, but I have never had it, so can’t help either. Sorry.

I’ve been reading that FW BUTTERNUT is a good flavour to create pancake. I’ve not attempted any pancake recipes before. Is there any you recommend.

I have not delved into the pancake arena yet. I’ll put it on my list though. Have a list of 5 clones
I need to create right now though. lol