{REQ} Boss Reserve

Looking for a boss reserve clone or any feedback on an existing recipe
Much Thanks

This is one I’ve been workin’ on for awhile I make it for a friend. He says it is very close.
Nanner Puddin’ (BRC v5)

Oh… and it’s not that much banana. I just needed a name when I started and the first ingredient was Banana. heh


Much thanks, sadly have 0 of those flavors right now ill have to add to my list. Good though I wasn’t sure what to order w the Flavorah Cinnamon, thanks again I’ll def be giving this one a shot


I rated your recipe by mistake Alisa. I will update after I make this. I am ordering the flavors for this on my next order. I have been wanting to try the original. But I think I am just going to make yours and enjoy. Looks yummy!


I posted a comment to Alisa’s recipe @TRisin. It is so close I can’t tell the difference. If anything, I think I like it better. I don’t know if it’s the rice crunchies or the Captain Crunch that is giving a slight hazelnut flavor in this (and the original), but damn it’s good. And yes the banana is in the background. Very yummy. Ordering all of the flavors now.

@Alisa, where do you buy your Flavorah flavors? Everywhere I have looked they are pretty pricey.


I buy direct from flavorah.Com they are pricey, but very concentrated and wonderful.

But remember we get 20% :wink:

What is the code?

It’s on the resources page :slight_smile: It’s ELRECIPES like most of our other ones :smile:

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Lol, I never even noticed that before. I have to be zoomed in on my tablet to read this site so that link is always off the screen. I see we have a chat room. Sweet!

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Here is one I created for Remixmonth , https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/76822#boss_reserve_clone_remixmonth_by_folkart . It was reviewed by DIYORDIE, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkyBN8lq8BQ&t=283s . The %'s seem very low, but trust me, it’s very close.

What is remixmonth? Just going back in time and reattempting old recipes that were done to death?

I just saw Wayne’s review for your recipe. Gonna have to give yours a try. I was curious, what pg/VG ration are you mixing yours at?

Just curious, did you have to do anything to get a review from DIYORDIE, did you have to pay to have it aired or?

Wayne Walker from DIY OR DIE designated December as remixmonth. A remix is another word for clone. So cloning your favorite commercial ejuice, that’s what remixmonth is all about.

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NChris Just use your perfered vg/pg ratio. I mix at maxvg only because I have a sensitivity to pg.


DarkJester89, I think you are being facetious, but no, I didn’t do anything except make a banging remix.

You can’t call it a clone though, or it wouldn’t be a remix. Or is it a copycat?
Out of Factory reproduction?
He Def doesn’t want it to be called a clone though, because thats derogatory lmao

Hey folks, with the flavor profile as such
“The Boss knows best, and the Boss knows this sauce is going to blow your mind. Boss Reserve blends a honey graham cracker cereal, a handful of toasted nuts, and a freshly sliced banana, then pours creamy milk over top of it.”

Do you think there are any satisfactory clones the honey graham cereal aspect, and nut clusters?
I saw the @FoggyPhoenicia had posted up a honey graham cereal, but just curious

Didn’t know if any of the recipes out were true renditions of the flavor profile and ones that you tried/liked.

Thanks for reading!