[REQ] Brass Tax by GONZO

I have a friend who is loving a mix called Brass Tax made by GONZO, I was wondering if anyone has a clone for this, and how close it actually is?

A flavor profile / link to the juice may help people assist you in your quest. If you have tried anything or can identify any specific flavours in the juice that may also help.


Sorry - I should have added a link to their website


:cry: looks like no one has used their skills on this one, well if anyone does attempt it in the near future I would be very grateful.

Sorry cant help you as I havent tasted the juice but with a bit of wrangling you may get something out of

Even if not the same it is delicious

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:smiley: Thank you for sharing this on, I will certainly share this with my friend for him to mix up, can you advise on steeping time?

Not my recipe but looking at the ingredients I would say it will be best left for about a month (ay least) let the cream and custard come through.

That is awesome.

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