[REQ] Cactus Juice by G2 Vapor

I have been trying to build a cactus juice clone for months now and haven’t had any luck. I’ve used pineapple from tfa fa cap fw And none seem to be in the same category

Hi I haven’t had the e juice before but was wondering if you have cactus the flavor by inawera ?

I paired it with guava and it was really nice a pineapple would have been pretty good as an addition to that blend as well. Just was curious however if you’ve tried their flavor of cactus yet to see if it fits the profile ?

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Never had the juice but a company called molinshop actually do a cactus flavouring that I have. Its pretty tasty. Presuming the liquid youre talking about actually using tastes like cactus that is.

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Mm I don’t think it’s 100% spot on for cactus inawera makes great flavors but it has imo to be blended w/ something just tastes odd if alone.

Have you tried cactus from iwa and prickly pair :+1:

It’s been a long time since the one bottle I had of the real juice, but this is close enough to work for me,