[REQ] Candy King by Kings Crest... Need to clone this!

Anyone else try this stuff? ITS GREAT!!! Need to figure out the recipe… HELP!!!

Here this might help:
Candy King by Kings Crest is the blue raspberry sweet tart that you know and love. We all know that there are a lot of candy flavors on the market. But have you had a candy flavor from King’s Crest? No. And you know their track record. They make great liquid and Candy King is no different. It’s spot on candy without the sugar. You’re welcome.

Thank you for your response, I’ve tried a few different recipes with sweet tart but can’t get it to work right. I’ve tried using CAP lemonade and that gets a little closer but not quite right, and I’m also having trouble with the fruit blends. I buy a 60ml of Candy King per week and taste more and more flavors every time I vape it, so its proving to be difficult.

If anyone has tried this juice please let me know your thoughts and feel free to share what flavor notes you taste. Anything that gets me closer to the recipe would help.

Flavorah Candy roll and Real Flavors blue ras maybe. Or the RF bomb pop. Plus some malic acid for the pucker. Might add a touch of rhubarb or dragon fruit just for funsies. That’s where I’d start if I were going to make it. But, I’ve never tried it so that is all hypothetical. :wink: Good luck!

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I have never tried it but am interested in trying your clone. so keep us posted

This is where I’m at and its not even close, this berry lemonade is pretty good though.

I work on the recipe for a day or two and then get discouraged and put it away and make other things.
In the process i’ve come up with a good Mellon Cream recipe, a tropical recipe that I call Hula Skirt, a Raspberry Funnel Cake, and a Coconut Cream Pie and a pretty good Coconut Almond Cookie.

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Have never tried the liquid in question?
You say each time you vape this you get a different flavour, what are they?
This could help us help you if you could go into greater detail?

Hi Chewy,
I get the obvious Blue Raspberry but not sure if its TFA or CAP Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy. I get citrus notes like lemonade, Italian Lemon Sicily or sweet tart, and slight touch of Grapefruit, There are some notes that just plain confuse me but the exhale is very smooth. Hell, one day I even thought I tasted coconut! Lol
One person that I spoke to suggested skittles and a few other flavors but we all seam to be stabbing at it blindly. If you have any thoughts I welcome them for sure! Or anyone who vapes this juice on the regular that wants to chime in is more than welcome!

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Hurry try something, try to match the color and smell. let the tests steep a week and try them. :slight_smile:

I get close with the color of Blue raspberry cotton candy with a 3 day steep. Still trying to work on the rest! If anyone reading this can lend a hand please feel free to chime in!

This juice is pure magic!

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@Magic_Mike This sounds like a time for “.9% Saline” (use “add flavor” button in calculator) 1 drop per 10ml to start. As you vape and change temp you can detect secret ingredients and coconut is a common low% add …so is Juicy Lemon (CAP) [swap for FW Lemonade or just add both] …maybe some Marshmallow for mouthfeel (1%)

Read the current thread re: Charlie Noble’s release of their commercial recipe and specifically the use of saline

Thank you @BoDarc! I’ve never heard of that, I’ll check out the post. I’m willing to try anything at this point. There have been times when I tasted coconut in this juice, just a hint so the low % theory holds true!. I have to place an order for Grapefruit and I’ll make sure to get Juicy Lemon at the same time.

Thank you!

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Had a good look around the web but couldn’t really find anything regarding the flavour profile of this one but going by your description I would look at the various rainbow/ skittles type flavours.
Real Flavors have a nice skittles type concentrate as does Flavor West so that could be a good place to start?
I would also look at a candy base, again Real Flavors and Flavour West do a great sweet/ candy type bases that really help with that.
I have been playing around with Capellas Jelly Candy flavour and that also shows a good promising base to build upon.
Also have a look at the various Rainbow Sherbets out there?
One to One have a really tasty Rainbow Sherbet which would help you to create a multiple fruit flavour profile which mixed with the skittles type would bring a nice multi level taste.
Oh and let’s not forget Flavour Arts Tutti Fruiti which is a great multi level fruit taste.
Sorry I can’t be any more help but until I get my hands on the juice in question I can only offer suggestions?

@Chewy Thank you! Placing another order with WL next week and then I’m back on the hunt!