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[REQ] Candy King-Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum Ice Clone


Has anyone tried to clone this? I really like this juice and I’m trying to clone it and think I’m close, but I’m not quite there yet. I’m new to DIY(within the last 6 weeks or so). Here’s where I’m at currently:

Bubblegum(TPA) - 6%
Cactus(INW) - .13%
Strawberry(TPA) - 6%
Super Sweet(CAP) - .5%
Watermelon Candy(TPA) - 8 %
WS-3 - .75%

I’m thinking the Bubblegum could be the Juicy/fruity TPA version, but I’m not sure. I’ve tried using FW- Bubblegum, but it has a cinnamon backnote to it that’s not in the commercial juice. It also seems as though the flavor percentage might be higher than what I have. I have the original currently and have been tasting/vaping it while trying to copy it. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.



Black Cherry - FA + Jungle Juice FW has a strong bubblegum taste to me

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Hmmm. What percentages would you suggest? I tried my sample again after 2 weeks and it’s no where near the mark. In fact it went the opposite direction, so I back to the beginning.

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Thanks. Guess it’s time to order some more flavoring. Have you tried the Candy King?

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I actually made your Thug juice recipe and it was weird at first, but it grew on me and I actually like it alot. The only thing is the Jungle juice takes over most of the other flavors in the blend and I don’t think it would give the bubblegum flavor of the Candy King I’m looking for. Would you think 1% Black Cherry to 3% Jungle juice would even it out? I made a Ruthless EZ Duz it clone recipe found on here and it is close to the Watermelon and Strawberry in the Candy King flavor, I just need to get the Bubblegum flavor down. Any insight would be appreciated.

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Jungle Juice is a really potent flavor, i’m sure you could lower it to even out. I found the Black Cherry can help, but its really concentrated (to me) to use in high %'s. increase in slow increments. I don’t recall ever using black cherry about .5% so maybe? and thanks for the kind words! haha

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Hey, just a thought, Honeydew has always given me a good bubblegum effect. Maybe toss a dash in if you have some.



I don’t have any unfortunately. I did order 2 bottles of the commercial juice for testing purposes, that and I really like it.



I’ve ordered most of the bubblegum flavors and none come close; even the Inawera Donald Bubblegum, which will be collecting dust as far as I’m concerned. Yuck! Any ideas?

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Personally I don’t think Kandy king is very good, yes I’ve had it. It’s a coil killer for sure, on that note back up and start over simple, watermelon candy bubble gum and lots and lots of sweetner.



I know it has watermelon candy in it but according to Dripmore’s website they use 1% or less sucralose or EM. I don’t consider that alot. Maybe they use strawberry ripe that I’ve heard has em already in it and that’s why it gunks coils so easily.



I took your advice and made a sample last night. I used bubble gum fruity juicy from TPA and watermelon candy with 1% em. I used the percentages put in automatically in the elr calculator and it’s looking like this is the direction I need to go in. I did another sample the same this morning except added TPA strawberry to it and it seems closer. Not as strong as the original, but in the right direction. I’ve only been vaping since July 2018 after smoking for 20 years and my taste buds are still off. @Cutlass92 Thanks for the advice and from a fellow veteran, thanks for your service.



Your welcome! I’m glad your getting there.
Thank you as well!

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We’ve been diy’ing for two years and swiched to vaping 2.5 yrs ago. My taste buds are still recovering. But the amount of sweetner in commercial juice is crazy! I guess what I’m getting at is as your buds recover you’ll find that commercial stuff is just way too sweet.:wink:



I do think it is overly sweet in my Freemax mesh pro tank, but in my drop rda with a single fused Clapton it doesn’t seem as sweet. I’ve got a few co workers along with myself that would love a caparable diy recipe to this so they don’t shell out 25 bucks a bottle.



Here’s where I ended up just trying to clone this without the ICE part.
Bubblegum (TPA) 5 %
Strawberry (TPA) 6 %
Strawberry Ripe 1%
Super Sweet .75%
Vanillin 10%(PG) (TPA) .5%
Watermelon (TPA) 1 %
Watermelon Candy (TPA) 6%

It’s pretty darn close, although it’s not as potent. Will it increase with a little steep time? I think my next sample, I’ll just remove the watermelon and up the Watermelon Candy to 8% and remove the ripe. It does seem like the Watermelon candy takes over(in the commercial juice). I’m a novice so any thoughts?