[REQ] Cape Fear Revenge

I have a wide variety of flavors, I want to start with obviously something like (cap)vanilla custard, (tfa)graham cracker clear, I have bavarian cream(tea) and vianna cream(tfa), but i almost want to say that i taste a little bourbon or slight flavor note of some sort of spiced rum in the juice, anyone have any experience with a similar mix?

Might be Jamaican Rum? Sorry, can’t help very much, as I don’t know the juice :smile:

yea i looked at either jamaican rum or vanilla bourbon to potentially order it, looks like i will just have to try it and see where it takes me, thanks

Just FYI: Vanilla Bourbon (or Bourbon Vanilla aka Madagascar Vanilla) is usually just a special type of vanilla, no bourbon… :smile:

jamaican rum it is then, thanks again

Kentucky Bourbon by TPA maybe?

I was told in the comments of one of my recipes it tasted like Cape Fear. I never had that so don’t know. Also don’t know what Revenge is like or not like it. Yo can check it out here. http://tjek.nu/r/Fc7