[REQ] Casablanca by Backwoods Brew

Hello, first post here. Just started DIY a couple months ago and have made a few good recipes, and several bad ones. I’ve spent a significant amount of time trying to make a good clone of my favorite juice: Casablanca by Backwoods Brew (BWB). BWB closed earlier this year. I’ve scoured the internet for recipes of this juice and have only found the 3 attempts listed below. I’ve tried those (except the Hangsen DS), and have made 13 versions, steeped 2-4 weeks, and none of them are very close.

I’m hoping someone else out these is familiar with this juice. Its a difficult juice to describe but just delicious.

Description from VapeNewsmagazine:
“Casablanca, Backwood Brew’s top seller, is a juice that should not be overlooked. BWB calls this a Turkish tobacco blend and it’s very hard to describe the flavor, as everyone tastes a little bit of everything in it. Some taste vanilla and caramel, but it’s definitely not an RY4, while others taste jalapeño or even coffee. The juice judge falls into the jalapeño tasting bracket. The pepper flavor, if that is indeed what it is, has a very prominent place in the juice, but it is not hot or off-putting. This juice has smokiness, great tobacco flavor, subtle added flavor tones, and it’s smooth. Vapor production was above average and throat hit was stellar.”

Heres the couple receipes I found on the net:

  1. “I’ve not been able to get the exact same taste, but I have made some good blends that I like.
    This is my favorite Kasa Klone so far:
    12 mg 60/40
    2% Desert Ship (FA)
    1% Cocoa (FA)
    1% Dark Vapure (FA)
    1% Organic Cocoa Cream (NF)
    2% Ethyl Maltol (TPA)
    1% MTS Vape Wizard (FA)”

  2. “Desert Ship (Hangson) 4%, Cocoa 3%, EM and Vape Wiz. (Trying to clone BWB Casablanca - mines not the same but darn good).”

  3. FA Desert Ship 5%
    FA Cocoa 3%
    ACV 1%

Any help or advise would be much appreciated! Thanks

…and the award for best Clone [REQ] goes to …oh and welcome. We have some mighty Tobacco flavoring experts, but that flav option looks settled [Desert Ship (FA)]. The Jalapeno flavor has me curious and I wonder if there’s a Tobac flav with a little Jalapeno (?)

Thanks for all the prerequisite googling. Might be tough cloning since this is no longer commercially available and we can’t taste ourselves. This looks like a great mystery, and thanks for a detailed description. Someone with a brain will be along soon :wink: Hopefully someone with prior experience vaping/cloning “Casablanca” Imma poke the Internet and see what I can find.

Meanwhile check out this from our resident TobacGuru @Kinnikinnick


@KC15 here’s a discussion re: whether their tobacco flavorings are a NET …hmmm maybe throw in a couple Jalapenos? Might be why no longer available (production limits?)

"virginia and bacco are absolutes… don makes them… and they are different… casa is a bit of a secret… but I do know this… don pays an arm and a leg for the ingredients… he wouldn’t tell me what they were, but they are not easy for him to acquire… not sure what part he makes… or if it’s more of his mixing… it is masterful though.
and all the rest are nets…
and each one is made by don and they are different tobaccos / processes.

Don takes a lot of pride in these and they take a lot of his time."

That recipe of mine you linked wasn’t a clone of the Backwoods Brew noted by the OP… just a name for my mix of the day; but, thanks for the tap. :grinning:

I don’t know this for a fact, but perhaps Don with BB did use NET and/or absolutes for his tobacco mixes… if so, the man made a $ crazy $ killing $ on his product. NET is silly easy to make and a super low cost way of making your own tobacco liquid.

As far as the jalapeño flavor is concerned… I haven’t come across any tobacco in my NET realm which carries a “pepper” flavor. My guess would be, there was a synthetic concentrate involved. There are some mentions on the forum about FA Perique having a jalapeño flavor if mixed higher than 1%.

After I produced a NET from real Perique tobacco… I had a good laugh at FA’s poor attempt at recreating a Perique tobacco in a synthetic form… no where near the real deal. In fact, the FA version was acrid and rancid tasting, no matter how long you let it steep.

@KC15, hate to say it… but none of those tobaccos you listed in the posted recipes ever had a “Turkish” tobacco flavor to me. Hangsen made a “Turkish blended” that was pretty good and the Turkish (SC) from BCF was awesome.

Other than that, I’d say make a NET of your own using one of the following:

Peter Stokkebye - Turkish 84
Cornell & Diehl - Izmir Turkish
Daughter & Ryan - Ramback Balkan

…can’t get much more Turkish than the real thing. :sunglasses:

Good luck!


BWB is still in operation as Backwoods Blends (www.backwoodsblends.com). Some of the names have changed - Casablanca is now Bogart. Other than their RY4, everything tastes identical to the way it used to. Don’s wife officially took over after having run the company on his behalf for several years.

Enjoy :slight_smile: I’m vaping some Bogart right now

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Ever thought about adding 1 or 2% Toasted Almonds, I put this in most of my tobacco recipes, especially Desert Ship ones… :smile: