[REQ] Castlelong clone

Has anyone tried this clone and if so how close is it to the real thing


4 parts 3.1% KY BOURBON TFA
3 parts 2.3% COCONUT FA

I’ve Made and seen the more popular clone the all tfa flavours with acetyl
pyrazine and it is good just not quite there something is missing… I cant find anything about this clone I posted above… But it looks pretty good just wondering if the percentages look a little low?
If anyone has anyany suggestions or comments would be great to hear

Fair warning, this reply will likely not help you at all, as I’ve never had the original. That being said, I am IN LOVE with EWS’ Castle Long Clone. I did have to make some subs so I don’t know what even that original tastes like, but it’s super yummy and will be a regular part of my vape rotation.

Here’s what I did in case you’re interested

EWS Castle Long Clone V2

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% 2
Bourbon (Vanilla Bourbon) (FA) 2
Brown Sugar (TPA) 2.5
Coconut (Delosi) 5
Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) 6
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) (FA) 1
Oak Wood (FA) 2.5
Toasted Almond (TPA) 3

Flavor total: 24%

the original recipe is what I made without the oakwood… Yours looks good too ill have to try it out… But im going to try the one I posted above it came from jonhall2 I believe but he has another CL clone on here that everyone is using but apparently this is the one he thought was best… Just weird I’ve never seen anyone try it yet… So im gonna whip it up tonite but i wont be able to tell anyone how good it is for at least 3 weeks… And ews clone is really good too!

Someone said the vanilla FP uses is apparently some special real extract. @therabidweasel does his own vanilla and might be able to shed some light on that process if you’re wanting to try that.

The changes I made to the EWS were to use Delosi coconut (the best IMO but Cap is also close and very good) and FA Madagascar in place of the vanillin. I really think the oakwood makes it.

@SthrnMixer posted a copy of a jonhall2 clone, but it looks like the all TPA one.

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If I just look at that recipe for myself (not to clone another vape) The bourbon would be way too high for me personally. Bourbon is a powerful flavor and to me at that percentage, it’s knocking everything else over. On the vanilla I would go up to 2%. I don’t use the Pyrazine in anything anymore because I don’t like the taste of it (but this is just me). Every flavor in that recipe is a flavor that stands very strong on it’s own so I don’t see where you would have to increase anything but the Vanilla. (My opinion)

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So you think I should increase both the bourbon vanilla and the simply Vanilla or just the simply?

Wouldn’t the oakwood make it castlelong reserve?

I personally would get the Bourbon’s down below 2% - it’s darned powerful stuff. But this is “my experience” with Bourbons in vapor.

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And I was wrong it’s not jonhall2 clone it’s from Mrscorbin24