[REQ] Charlie Noble Posedions Punch

im not one to ever ask for help, however the last 3-4 mos i’ve racked my brain like crazy trying to figure out whats in this damn juice. i’ve made a gallon or better of sink juice trying to get something close to this stuff… sometimes i catch a whiff or taste of something vanilla, sometimes grapefruit, sometimes orange, lemon lime, i have been on this stuff the last 8-9 mos as my all day vape, and im seriously disgusted at having to buy a bottle every other day because i cant figure out whats in it. i’ve looked ALL over for a clone recipe, but i guess me and 3 other people on the planet are the only ones that love this juice. please help meeeeeee?

I’ve never had the juice and never cloned anything, but if I were going to try, these are the flavors I might try first: Orange Citrus (Flavorah), Grapefruit (Inawera), Lime (Flavorah, Inawera, FA), Vanilla Tahity (FA).

Hope that helps get you started. You could also try using one of these as a starting place.


I keep telling people on here how good Charlie Noble juices are. They have a very good line of juices that I am sure once people try they will want to try to create them. I haven’t tried the one you are talking about, but I will go get a bottle tonight and see what I can come up with. I have sort of a clone for Mayflower, and if you have the flavors I would appreciate it if you could try it and maybe give me some input. My taste buds seem to be shot currently so I can’t say for sure, but when I first made it I thought I nailed it. Anyway, I liked the flavors in Mayflower so I put something together similar. I wouldn’t really call it a clone (I did at first because it tasted so much like it), but it’s more a reach to create something in that direction of a pumpkin pie. Here is that recipe…

Pirate Ship

Ingredient %
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) 2
Cinnamon Roll (FW) 4
Graham Cracker (CAP) 1
Pumpkin Spice (TPA) 3
Rich Cinnamon (Flavorah) 0.15
Sweet Cream (CAP) 1
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 3
Whipped Cream (TPA) 2

Flavor total: 16.15%

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Jojo, if you have never cloned a juice, or ever had Posedions punch, what on earth would you even bother replying, aside from what looks to be a shameless plug for flavorah flavors?

Lord, HIGHLY APPRECIATED! As they say, 2 heads are better than one. Everyone and everywhere I’ve asked, one person didn’t know what was in it but said the v1 flavors were Italian, so I’m thinking flavourart, if there’s any truth to what he said. Also, when you pick up your bottle, it should be clear, then you’ll notice when shaken it turns cloudy. Makes me think it might have a bit of some citrus oil in it or something. One bonus of this juice, for me anyway, I could vape it a week straight and no vapers tongue, guess it’s from the citrus, idk

@JoJo is a highly respected member of this forum and is only trying to help based on the flavors you described. No need to get hostile. I will try it tonight. My guy has me a bottle set out so I can run in and grab it tonight.

I have read that some juices are made with unattainable flavor extracts, meaning they make their own extracts. That may be the case with Charlie Noble stuff. But I will see if I can figure out some of the flavors.


That kind of attitude doesn’t belong on this forum. She was trying to be helpful. I think you might not have browsed around on the forum; if you had you would have known. Looks like LordVapor is on to something though.


I am tasting a peppermint. Definitely. There is also an orange and lemon in there and a hint of grapefruit. And maybe a bit of lime. There is a cream in it as well that is blending all the flavors together. The orange and lemon seem to be about equal proportions and stand out slightly more than the rest. There are no sharp notes. It almost tastes like there might be a very faint Crunchberries flavor in there as well, but I can’t really tell for sure what it is. I have all of these flavors in some form or another so I may try to come up with something this weekend after vaping this for a day or so.


I apologize for the shortness, I had been up for 21hr, with 4 hr of sleep from the day before, I work nights so that helps none either. All I’ve ever got out of it was citrus, and sometimes a vanilla. I never would have guessed a mint. I thought for sure at one point it had tfa Mountain Dew in it but I never could get a good ratio.

JoJo actually probably suggested some very good flavors to start this off with. After vaping it today I am not sure there is lemon in it. My taste buds were on vacation last night. I will update again tonight after vaping it all day.

Have it on good info from the owners of Charlie Noble they only use Capella, and it’s citrus punch and lemon lime. Capella doesn’t make a citrus punch, but have several individual citrus flavors. got everything citrus and some lemon lime coming, newfound desire to figure this crap out


I think my bottle wasn’t completely steeped yet. I have it in my dripper now and it’s so much better than it was the last time I tried it. It tastes like a completely different juice. I don’t taste the peppermint now. Very odd. I had vape tongue the last time I tried it too, so maybe that was part of it. It tastes more like orange than anything. I am not tasting vanilla or the creaminess like I did the first time. But it’s making me cough like crazy!

If it’s a citrus based juice, a drop of vape wizard usually works for me to stop the coughing.

I’m not vaping any more of it. Fark that. My god that shit is just wrong.

I won’t be able to vape for a week!

Better start popping jalapeños!!

I have never coughed so much in my life! I poured the rest down the sink so I don’t grab it by accident.

LMAO. I love it. Can’t get enough. However I bought a 120 a while back and it about killed me. Figured out it was at least a 12 nic mislabeled as a 3. I’ve never gotten vapers tongue off it.

I had vapors tongue from vaping a bunch of test juices. And this wasn’t the nic level. It was the orange. I can vape lemon and lime just fine. But not orange I guess. When I first vaped this Poseidon’s Punch I put a little in my Goblin Mini with dual Ti coils running at 40J. It had a whole different flavor. Somewhat muted. This time it was on my Velocity with dual Ti build at 75J. It was fine the first couple hits. About the third hit I coughed a couple times. So I hit it a couple more times. I coughed for about 2 hours. Sometimes pretty violently. Orange tastes fantastic. But it will be a long time before I get up the courage to vape it again.

It definitely has a lot of citrus in it. I use elfwick and have to rewick every other day, rayon wouldn’t even last 24 hr before falling to shit. I bought an Aeolus v2 when they came out (3-4mos ago?) it’s never had any other juice in it beside PP, last week had to mail syntheticloud about getting a replacement deck because the gold had been eaten off the sides of the posts. Maybe your ti wire is having an adverse reaction to the citrus? I could actually taste something wrong with the Aeolus, I thought maybe a cool was shorting, rebuilt it and within a couple hr the nasty taste was back, come to find out bare copper was showing on the deck.

Oh yuck. I got up the nerve to try it again at the vape shop using my same dripper. It didn’t bother me as much this time, but I did cough a little. I am going to play with FA Orange and FA Mandarin and see what I get. I hate to think I can’t vape these flavors because Poseidon’s Punch is very good. Maybe at lower percentages and adding some Stevia and Malic Acid will help. We will see.