[REQ] Charlie's Chalk Dust Slam Berry

This may be off topic but does anyone know of a clone for Charlie’s Chalk Dust Slam Berry? It’s an EXTREMELY simple juice but for the life of me I cannot reproduce it and its driving me crazy!
I’m sure it has Ripe strawberry, Bav cream and…
It’s a really mellow vape and I enjoy it. I have tried dozens of different recipes with Ice creams, gelato, marsh, creams and the list goes on…

I’d say Strawberry Ripe (TPA), Sweet Strawberry (Cap), Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA), and maybe Cream Fresh (FA), Whipped Cream, or Sweet Cream. Maybe a teeny tiny bit of lemon juice, ACV, or citric/malic acid to give it that little bit of sour bite that you get with strawberry ice cream? Just a guess though…I’ve never tried the original. It sounds similar to some of the Mother’s/Unicorn milk recipes I’ve seen. You might use one of those clones (they positively abound on ELR) as a starting place. Much luck in your cloning adventures! :smile:


Yeah I’ve tried variations of all that…I really think it is only Ripe straw. The trick is it is EXTREMELY subtle and very very light. I know the description says fresh strawberry Ice cream but you would have to try it to understand what I mean. Personally I don’t even think it tastes like strawberry ice cream and by accident I almost nailed it using only a touch of rip and Bavarian but I wasn’t even trying to make it I was just messing around so have no idea how much of what I used haha.

Should not be this complicated
Thanks tho :wink:

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Did you ever get anywhere with this Darth?

I love Slam Berry.

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The closest I came was Bavarian TFA at 2% and Ripe strawberry @ 3% but to be honest I never really continued with it and I have switched to all sub ohm tanks.
I haven’t had it in months so my memory of it faded, plus I have moved on from it with other things :wink:

Thanks for the reply Darth. I had two zampleboxes and both had Slam Berry in it and I thought it was really good. It’s not very easy to get hold of here in the UK, hence why I was seeing if anyone had any success cloning it.


I just can’t bring myself to paying $20 to get another bottle to try. Play around with Bavarian and ripe and it’s really close. Very subtle

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just as a little help for you man, Vaporized carry the 30ml bottles of this now man :smiley:
so should make life a little easier, fingers crossed

my version so far, mix and vape

15ml @ 81% vg “lower to desire”

caps sweet strawberry 0.6%
vanilla cup cake 0.6%
banana foster 0.75%
sweet cream 0.45%

**add 10 ish drops of sweetener to 15ml or to taste **

taste good to me! love to hear feedback

Hi. Those % look really low, how is it?