[REQ] Chefs - Mexican Fried Ice Cream Clone

Hi iv had trouble trying to replicate Chefs - Mexican Fried Icecream, i made up a fried ice cream to test thinking i may just add some cinnamon, coconut, almond (and maybe caramel or chocolate) to make it into the mexican fried version but the fried ice cream taste nothing at all close to chefs version so i decided to look and found various recipes on the site but all have VERY different manufacturers and flavourings with no notes or mentions of chefs so i dont want to trust these recipes. If anyone knows a similar tasting recipe and has tried and tested it or knows how to clone as im a noob id be very grateful. Thanks alot ELR. :slight_smile:


I think @Steampugs had a fried ice cream recipe that was modeled after that one. It may be this one but I am not sure


No it would appear the original recipe has gone private, I adapted this one from it by adding the Devon Cream which is delicious, it can be swapped out though, the important aspects of this recipe are the VBIC, Cereal27 and Zeppola :wink:


He did say he tried this one

Thanks everyone for your input, think I’ll get myself some zepola to play with make up some 10ml batches and the Devon cream sounds tasty, I’ll add some small amounts of what I mentioned earlier to the test batches and see what magic happens… Anyone else is still welcome to recomend tried and tested recipes cheers


iv had MFIC… and its really nice! but going anywhere near 3% zeppola would not be right. it might be in there, but not at 3% :slight_smile:

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MFIC has been constantly in my rotation for a long time, when I can be arsed i mix it but sometimes I buy the concentrate, when i have mixed it its had 3% Zepolla, thats what the original recipe had, and believe me theres nothing not right about it, its good, not far off the concentrate, but I cant remember what the cream was that i swapped out for devon, could of been sweet but im not sure.


I will give the recipe you posted I try :slight_smile:
I do swear I taste some cinnamon in the original MFIC:rofl:

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hey @Steampugs where did you get your Cupcake World Devon IceCream if you dont mind me asking im in the UK and i visited their site they dont have it listed singual(ly) i do know they have it though if you request the 5 x 30ml orders

edit: im thinking of using Devon Cream from Australia’s Vape Train seeing as chefs flavour stock it… would it be a good sub maybe?

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Not devon ice cream but it is devon cream ccw



That’s a mistake on my part sorry man, it’s chefs flavours like @woftam quite correctly said :wink: (cheers Woft :+1:)


This is what I came up with first adaptation, notes are relevant also in regards to creams there’s so many so personal preference also vanilla has a lot of options which I need to get round to testing in the test batches: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2327717/Mexican%20Fried%20Icecream%20V0.01 big thank you to mixer of the Devon fried icecream recipe it gave me a great base to start from.

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hey cosacee, your recipe has gone private.

Mind sharing what you came up with? I am desperately trying to clone MDFIC as well. I have tried the DIY Vapor one and although it needs a very long steep, it’s really good. It’s not identical though. Just wondered how close you have came in your search. :slight_smile:

hey @BiggySmalls to be honest i couldnt come up with anything very identical i did come up with some similar stuff but nothing worth releasing as a clone, i still have a selection of mexican fried ice cream attempts you can have a look at just shoot me a PM and ill send you the link if interested. and sorry for the late reply my life has been a bit hectic ATM.

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hey @cosacee

I can’t actually see how to compose a PM, on here or ELR :smiley:

It’s early, maybe I need more coffee :joy:

click the user’s avatar which opens a box of info, upper left is “message”



ah nice one. Thanks matey! :+1:

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