[REQ] Cheshire by Catarpillar

Looking to clone Cheshire by Catapillar. ANYONE able to assist with this? ANY help would be appreciated! Thanks in advace

Where ya located? U.S. or EU? Dependent on where you are located, this will narrow down where to purchase the flavorings you’ll need.

I can’t find one clone attempt on the innerwebs, so you’ll be the first to give it a try! Lucky you!:wink:

You could perhaps try the recipe below with a bit of your choice of menthol flavoring.

Located in the United States. I have also searched the interWeb with no avail! That is all the more reason I put out a cry for help, lol. Heck if anyone has any of the Caterpillar recipe clones I would be happy, really want the Cheshire tho!

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Well, there are a lot of strawberry liking folks on the forum, sans me, perhaps someone will head you down the right path with the strawberry, Mojito and menthol combo. :wink:

Thanks, hope so!