[REQ] chewberry by: cosmic fog

Anyone with a general idea it would be helpful!


Chewberry by Cosmic Fog is an unexplainable juicy mouthful of strawberries, sweet passion fruit, and our secret blend of tropical delights. All of this flavor packed into a delightfully chewy candy that will leave you begging for more. Chewberry is guaranteed to fulfill your sweet tooth.


well for this as a base to start i would go like

passion fruit TFA
strawberry ripe tfa
Shisha Strawbery INW
Strawberry TFA
Sweet SB CAP
Bubble gum TFA
Sour TFA
juicy lemon CAP

it’s just an idea… the basic thoughts about it is a little bit bubble gun, with strawberries and passionfruit in general… the way i taste it is just a light taste of passion fruits and bubblegum while strawberries are kinda more on the game… while a tiny amount of sour and Juicy lemon can give a lil more in the taste… but that’s my opinion… doesn’t mean it’s correct…

Sounds like a great starting point! I have never tried the shisha strawberry and never tried the bubble gum in it, but I agree it has something to do with that!