[REQ] Chiricahua Sun by Manabush

Has anyone done Manabush Chiricahua Sun clone? It is the best e liquid i have ever tried and i would really appreciate any suggestions on creating at least similar vape. The way i taste this e liquid, it`s a sweet nutty mild tobacco base with caramel fudge and dark honey, but what really gives signature to it is a kind of sharp vanilla smoke (this may sound strange but i imagine a cigarette made of vanilla would taste this way :slight_smile:) .

I made this recipe for my wife http://tjek.nu/r/1zCx it is her ADV its a Black honey tobacco French Vanilla. You could try some caramel or RY4 with it might be a nice place to start.

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@Lokva I like to get the ball rolling for fellow newbs. This sounds like a super complex mix, and we don’t know your level of skill. First things first there’s lots to know about DIY and lots to learn on using all the powerful tools on ELR. This is the place to come and expand on your DIY journey, so welcome.

Read the guide and start entering your flavors in the calculator. That makes it easier to research new and existing flavors and recipes you can make with what you have already …and items to create that next shopping list.

Tobacco vapes are an entire realm unto themselves. I always say (from personal experience) that even if we gave you the exact recipe you may not be able to duplicate. Here’s a good start. Learn how to use the search tool on ELR. Here’s a nice middle of the road tobacco. Click the link and then read “Notes” underneath and then read “Commonly used with” and “recipes”.

You can do this with other tobacco flavors similarly. This will give you a chance to narrow your learning re: your clone request, and get the shopping list for your quest. For example you can click on @Duneatick 's link above and then click each flavor and learn more


:pensive: …sadly, you speak the truth and wisdom like the guru at the mountain top. Discovering the tobacco base profile used in the original liquid is the key to tobacco clones. If your lucky, someone on some Ecig forum or hidden in a mountain of tobacco juice reviews online, has come close to pinpointing the tobacco base profile. Much research is often required.

But, @BoDarc has started your journey of reading flavor notes and doing that all important research on what flavors taste like what. And SoHo was a great one to start with in the search.

Sometimes you can luck up by just doing a search for key words in the search box:

From here, you can go down the list and see what “nutty tobaccos” folks are using or find that tobacco/nut combo which might work for you. :grinning:


Thank you all for your suggestions, i think i`m gonna start playing with FA Soho.

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Well, I just watched this review on the mix. Custardy, pea-nutty, light tobacco. I’ve read others which say it has caramel and vanilla thrown in there. So…maybe don’t worry so much about the tobacco (a DK555, SoHo, Highway or something will do) and worry more about the peanut, custard, vanilla and caramel for now; you can always throw the “nutty tobacco” on top as the dressing. :slight_smile:

Hint: acetyl pyrazine might be your saving grace in this quest; or at least a helper. :relaxed:


I’m not much one for nutty type mixes, but I hope you hit the mark!

I think if @Alisa could sell this one; she might be able to retire off the proceeds: