[REQ] Clone of DrumDrum

Hi, my favorite ADV is flavorjoy’s DrumDrum. This company is at the moment no longer active and that’s sad. So, I like to clone this excellent flavor. Is there anyone who can make me happy with the recipe of this delicious ejuice?


Most of the Mixers on this side of the pond are not familiar with Drum mixes. I would recommend going over to the Recipe side and do a search for a Flavorjoys Drum-Drum clone or close representation of that flavor profile. Good Luck M8 :pray:

I have no idea what the flavor profile is for this juice. Could they be using a play on words for the good old (since Halloween is tomorrow this is so fitting) DUM DUM suckers?

No Drum is a moist Tobbacco

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[disclaimer] The above pic if for informational use only hahahahah

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