[REQ] Cloning a local shops juice?

As I’m very new to this and I estimate it being a long time before I can successfully clone a recipe from scratch, I come to ya’ll for help. I also fear that if I were to jump straight into attempting to clone a juice, I’ll probably spend way too much money and have nothing positive to show for it. I have only mixed a few simple recipes and I’m trying to learn the basics of flavor pairing and what not.

I don’t have a vast amount of flavor concentrates to play with and have no clue where to start. Would it be acceptable to send somebody a sample of the juice to see if you can recreate it?

If so, I would have no problem compensating the person if they can at least come pretty close to the juice being cloned.

I can’t provide a link to it as it isn’t a commercial juice and they don’t have a website. What I can tell you is that all their juice is mixed bottle by bottle as it’s purchased. The juice I’m after is a berry cereal flavor, very sweet and with a dominate blueberryish taste. I’m doubtful that a single cereal concentrate is the main flavor of this recipe as there are quite a few flavors in play when vaped.

If this is something that somebody feels confident they can do, please message me for more details.


Almost all of us were you. As you peek over the wall… Your curiosity is warranted. However there’s is much to learn. First, be open. We can also all mostly agree you will soon be beyond this first desire.

Focus more on using all the tools and info available on ELR, because there’s more to whipping up a bottle of juice than just having the recipe. Most of this introductory info in the Beginners thread … Even if you’re not a beginner.

Learn how to build your recipe calculator side and how to search for recipes and flavor Notes. There are probably hundreds of Berry Crunch recipes, and you can always ask questions.

Ok now the conversation is started! Others will be along soon … I’m on my phone so can’t give links easily. So welcome aboard ELR and this very compelling Journey!


Here is a gem i recently found on cloning…

I am actually working on a clone as well…my personal advice, it wont be an exact replication. But with all the knowledge on this site, you can certainly get close!


Okay so I did some research on the database and found a few recipes that seem to sound pretty close to what I’m looking for. What stumps me, and probably from my lack of mixing knowledge, the ingredients don’t seem to be what I taste when vaping the local juice.

Like I said, it’s probably from my lack of knowledge about how flavors work with each other to make different flavors. So I went ahead and ordered a couple more flavors that I was missing so I can make these recipes that sound close.

I want to apologize to everybody for creating this thread before researching the database. I was up for almost 24 hours when I made this post. I woke up a few minutes ago and reread it :man_facepalming:


I would recommend trying TFA Berry (crunch) Cereal for starters. You’d be surprised how many house blends are simple one or two flavor mixes, using the major brands (TFA, Cap, and FW most frequently)

If that doesn’t quite get it, try adding a bit of FW Blueberry (for the lead note.)

Good luck, and welcome to ELR


I have that flavor on hand, along with most of the other ones used in a few of the recipes found on the database.

I placed an order for the missing flavors and will be mixing small batches of them all. I will find the one that’s closest to what I’m after there then expand off that one. I may be either updating this thread or starting a new one with help on how to approach my final flavor.


Nothing to apologize for. It is hard to clone things, especially if your wishing to get something specific. If the person/thing your trying to clone has one little item that the mixer tossed in just to throw others off their mix then all you can hopeful is something close but not exact. I would suggest you keep that in mind as you go about your mixing. Don’t try for the exact mix but for something you enjoy that is close. If you happen to hit the perfect match… great but if you don’t you won’t be disappointed (hopefully), if you keep the right frame of mind and mixing something simular.


That’s my state of mind. As long as I can come close, I’ll be happy. If I can hit it spot on, I’ll be even happier.


Like with most everybody else wanting to clone a recipe, I can’t stand paying the absurd amount of money for it. When I can potentially make it for pennies to the dollar. Especially when I vape anywhere from 100-150ml a week. It gets expensive after awhile lol

Plus the added bonus of making it yourself, I can tweak it to better suit my tongue.


@boostin53 you’ll learn tons just making 2-3 of the recipes you found. The reason we warn about (single) flavors is that the magic happens in proper pairings. It’s more chemistry than Culinary Science so sometimes the results don’t make obvious sense, and only experimentation can give you desired results. What one person hates another person vapes all day, so it’s only what’s good to you that matters. We can’t help with that part. The “Rating” system on recipes in the database can help, I mean if 20 people (random #) think it’s 5 stars, its a safe bet it’s probably pretty tasty.


I wanted to pitch in my 2 cents about being a newbie. I’m only mixing for 2-3 months now, so very very new to the game. I also wanted to clone a juice right off the bat. And i actually came really really close within the first 4 tries. (thanks to @BoDarc and the other guys here)

I might even consider myself a intermediate right now as i can recognize flavors and pairings/layers in juices. (and McDonald milkshakes, i swear that there’s TPA Strawberry in there)

So newbie to newbie the best thing you can do is mix up 30-40 different recipes at once so you kinda forget about the ingredients that you used. Then try and guess the ingredients when they are steeped. I feel that this is the most important part when cloning your favorite e-juice.

Check out the free vids from DIYORDIE … at first you’ll be like : WTF is this dude rambling about ? … but after a while (a solid month) and some mixes from the site things will start to make sense.

Also this ‘hobby’ is very addictive. I started out with a couple of bottles to recreate 12Monkeys - Kanzi… and i was so impressed with the results that i started to order more and more flavors. Right now i have a dedicated refrigerator with 160+ flavors. (and i just started 2 months ago)

Happy mixing !


Oh i dunno if time will clear it up or not, I still think that :rofl:


i havent read this thread yet , only your request
so i hope im not repeating what other have said i know of only one or two berry crunch recipes one is fro. ECX calle Berry Crunch Crispy or something like that so check out their recipes you will need to add blueberry to it though which you could do on your own with Fw blueberry and wayne has a clapton crunch but i havent tried that one , thank you for this post bc you have inspired me to make a berry crunch blueberry glazed donut now Yummmy ( great another recipe added to my list )

Note : forget cloning it damn near impossible , but in time you will be able to make somethi g just as good or better … and it will be YOURs


We are teaching you how to fish, instead of giving you a fish, so its a learning moment, but also…just to get you in the ball park…