[REQ] CLOUDS Fruity Feast

I’m tring to find Clouds Fruity Feast e-recepie. It’s this one: http://skysmoke.eu/en/e-liquid-skysmoke-clouds-fruity-feast-10ml.html

It’s really good and there is this sweet icey touch on this juice. They wrote: "Combination of cherry, cranberry and juicy fruits. Sweet, mild and summery vape experience."
I made my own e-juice (http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1846572/Fruity+Mango+Power) and somehow it tastes something like Fruity Feast, thou it’s from other ingredients. I would be ok with it, but in Fruity Feast, there is this icey thouch on it. I can’t tell what it is but i need something like that. It’s not menthol for sure, it wasn’t like mint either…something special…hmm.

Could someone help me?


Try TPA’s Koolada, that has ice but no mint flavour.

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@Josephine_van_Rijn is dead on with the Koolada, but start with just a few drops. Learned that one the hard way. It doesn’t add mint, but if you add too much, it tastes like an unflavored cough drop.

Ice from flavorah adds cooling with out the over powering menthol flavor

Thanks, i’ll try 'em out!
But if someone finds that recipe, it would be much appreciated :smile: