[REQ] CN's Pistachio RY4?

Anyone get close to the flavor of thst?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it’s in the top 20 recipies. On the recpie side. Done by Wayne from DIY or die.

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New here so, not really familiar with the navigation of the site yet.
Not new to DIY though.

So definitely a noob here. What does REQ mean and why does it have to be there. This is so I do not screw it up again. Thanks in advance.

There is never a bad question, wrong question, or question of that nature around here. Just a bunch of people from ALL spectrums of vaping.

Probably the only thing that gets heated around here are passionate discussions about the best rda (which is on every forum) and just general negativity.

I think req is short hand for request.

Can you explain REQ?
Edit:did not read fast enough. Lol.

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REQ = Required / Request

DIY or DIE [ENYAWREKLAW] Pistachio RY4-U is what I’m vaping right now, it’s delicious.

I have a review on here somewhere, I’ll try and find it

Here it is:


Thank you. I have some other ideas with the Pistachio mixes now. Like I said before I have some odd flavor combos. I will post them tomorrow. Trying to add 10 more recipes to the list and catagorize for the for ease of searching. I will explain why tomorrow.

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Just posted my recipes. "Skullblade789 Recipes."

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Huh??? :confused:

Wrong person, sorry. I got mixed up.