[REQ] Cookie Butter by Vape Pink

The description for this one is “A warm gooey oatmeal cookie dipped in milk and topped with brown sugar”. This is the only commercial juice I still buy and would love to find a clone if anyone has one. I just placed an order for some flavors to begin working on something but I’m not that good and at picking out flavor layers and am going into this basically trying to guess what will work with some info I’ve gathered throughout the forum and other recipes. I’m new to ELR and can already tell I am going to be spending hours on here to try and elevate my mixing skill level. Thanks in advance to all those who take time to read my request :yum:


Welcome to the rabbit hole. I think trying to clone a store Juice is what brings a lot of us to ELR and it’s one of the hardest things to do IME.
I’ve dived in deep with several orders of flavors from a wide range of suppliers trying to nail my own best loved store juice.
What I’ve now got are several really good Juices but none quite hit the original target. At this point it’s not such a big deal as I’m making tasty stuff of my own that satisfies my taste buds.
I’ll keep working on cloning that special juice on the side but it’s an ongoing deal as most good juices need a 30 day steep so it’s a really long view game to copy a recipe blind. I’ve got about two dozen variations working so I’ll know more in 2 more weeks what direction my blends need to go.
The half dozen clone recipes on line for it are all copies of a bad blend that winds up as pure pancake syrup.
Real Flavors has an Oatmeal and milk and brown sugar are found at many suppliers.
Make up your single flavor samplers and get them steeping so you have a baseline for your nose to work from.
If your like me and NOT the cook in the house your already working from a handicap position and the baseline helps as a reference point IME.
Search the recipe side with the word Oatmeal and look over the current recipes for ideas on stuff to use and the percentages to start with. A good part of the work has been done on many of the flavors so a starting percentage for say RF SC Condensed Milk is easy to find @ .7
OOO Condensed Milk is a 2% by comparison.

For example


I have never vaped that juice but reading the thread and reply it inspired me to throw this together in my calculator. Who knows if/when I will ever get around to mixing it.

Cookie Butter (RFSC)
1.60% Oatmeal Cookie (Real Flavors)
0.80% Butter Cream (Real Flavors)
0.60% Brown Sugar (Real Flavors)
0.50% Condensed Milk (Real Flavors)
inspired by - [REQ] Cookie Butter by Vape Pink

all default percents except oatmeal cookie which I bumped a tenth to get to 3.5%


Thanks for the inspiration I have enough of the bits to make a passable adaption except the Oatmeal and I added that to my cart for the next order up as I keep eyeing it anyway.
I’ve found most peoples ADV or special Brick store requests if it’s in the range of flavors I like it’s worth checking into.

If you like it as food it’s usually worth trying as vape. But God I’ll never get the Onion taste out of that Clieto coil though. :slight_smile: It worked with the Baked Bread from RF but it really needed a spot of Best Foods Mayo and I haven’t run that down quite yet. Got 4 combinations steeping to see if I can do better.
Sliced Onion, Wonder Bread, Best Foods Mayo. Wife thinks I’m insane but that’s never stopped me.

Now the way I like Oatmeal IRL is with a Heavy Whipping Grade Cream and a ton of Brown Sugar with the Oatmeal taking a very distant backseat to the whole dish. Works both for Breakfast or Dipping Cookies in. Half and Half will work in a pinch but full cream is needed for that round whole mouth effect that only heavy cream can do.
I just got a nice range of milks and creams in to play with and did up all my single flavor samplers last night so we’ll see what I can concoct in the coming weeks.

I’ll add that Cookie Butter flavor to my list to sample the next time I’m uptown at the Huge Vape shop. For a buck each I can sample most anything on the wall of flavors they have and it’s a really long wall of stuff. I’ve got about 15 ADV of different people on ELR with tastes close to mine in my wallet to sniff and taste if it’s in stock. Beats blind sampling that big assed wall of stuff shotgun style. Haven’t bought a bottle in a while but it’s still fun to look over the selection and taste for some ideas.


The RF SC Oatmeal Cookie is quite good. I imagine you could sub almost any other cookie (Peanut Butter, Shortbread, Sugar, etc) with those other flavors I posted and come up with something decent to vape even if it isn’t what the OP is looking for. 3.5% is where I have been mixing RF SC stuff as I don’t need a ton of flavor to vape something but I do plan to start testing some recipes I know I like at higher percents (5% and 7%) to see how they do. The @CosmicTruth calculator is good for adjusting a recipe up or down proportionately - http://www.e-liquid-scripts.com/cosmiccalc or https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GGL4QOwrFW56ig-8yKqLFPTW5WMOHq7n8MJVkQJSr_Y/edit#gid=485916094


Thanks to everyone who has responded! I had never heard of Real Flavors but just found their website and will try a couple of their flavors while I’m their trying the oatmeal cookie. I have found a couple good recipes here at ELR already and have found even more I want to try. It’s so impressive what some people have come up with. I’ve been vaping for 6 years and it is just amazing how much better the juice is now vs when I first started. This has definitely become a new hobby for me as I continue to strive for more delicious recipes!


Wow, a buck each? I have 2 shops by my house that allow testing. One charges $1 for a membership which allows you to taste as many as you want. The other charges $2 per visit but will apply that to a bottle of juice if you buy one from them. Still though, I’d rather pay a buck to try something that may give you an idea for a DIY or try something before buying a whole bottle only to find it unvapeable.

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