[REQ] Cosmic Fog Chill'd tobacco

Hi guys, Has anybody tried cloning cosmic fog’s chill’d tobacco? I have tried and failed 100’s of times and still no real luck. I seem to be the only one on the net looking for this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Could you maybe give some tasting notes? There might not be a whole lot of people that have tried it, but if you can describe what it tastes like to you, and what it is you like about it, someone might be able to make some good suggestions for things to try. Won’t be able to clone it just from a description, but could probably get you something you will like.


I’m interested :thinking:. I have not tried this original. I am pleased to try to do it, just take the right path. I only use mono tobacco tastes :pensive:

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OK so here goes with some notes as I just bought a bottle and describing as I go. The inhale is minty (peppermint mixed spearmint) tasting, NOT cold in your throat with a hint of a leafy tobacco and a hint of nut (not almond or hazelnut) and a dark chocolate exhale with a little hint of the same leafy tobacco. None of the flavours are sweet. Smooth and silky on every inhale.The mint taste tends to stay on the tongue and the dark chocolate exhale with the mint taste is divine. The nic free liquid is clear with a LIGHT tint of brown.

Hope this helps.


Chill’d Tobacco is an adventure into a world of excellence. We’ve blended some of the world’s finest mild leaf tobacco flavors with a fresh peppermint background. Deep soft notes of rich chocolate fill the mouth on the exhale, leaving a lasting impression you won’t soon forget. This is not a food; do not ingest. For use only in e-cigarettes

Pretty much like your description, just from the maker. getting the balance close will be your challenge, Your resources for a start are on the recipe side. Happy hunting


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Excellent tasting notes :slight_smile:

I don’t mess with a whole lot of minty stuff, but one Mint tobacco that I really like is Hangsen Reno. I’ve only seen it in the US at DIY Vapor Supply. It is minty, but not cold. It’s got a hint of some tobacco to it as well, but it’s smooth. Then for the Smooth, dark chocolate tobacco I would probably go with SC Black Mile (same as the Black Mile at E Cig Express.)

You said you’ve tried and failed a bunch, what were you using? What was wrong about it. Also helpful info because if you’ve already tried the Black Mile, then I would obviously change my answer :stuck_out_tongue: