[REQ] Cosmic Fog Sonrise Recipe needed ?!

Hello, i need the recipe for the Cosmic Fog Sonrise. Does anybody know it ??

No you gotta work harder than that then to Just come in and ask for recipes. What are your previous attempts? What’s the profile of the juice. What do you feel it’s missing. You gotta have more then just asking for a clone if you want people to help you.


i have been doing DIY just for couple of times, i 'm still a beginner :slight_smile: and actually i liked the Sonrise very much so i am seeking doing it :slight_smile:

Passion fruit, kiwi, pineapple

From the website:


This unique take on a frozen Hawaiian drink will take you to a sun soaked morning on the Big Island. Sweet and savory passion fruit blended with smooth, exotic kiwi and pineapples. All it takes is one hit to know this will be your new all day fruit vape. It will leave you searching for all the hidden flavors until the sun comes back up.

Cloning a juice is really difficult. Chances are you will never get it perfect. The best thing I can suggest is try to come up with a vape that is similar enough and suits you. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I’ve never had this juice and I don’t have much experience with those flavors. Maybe someone who is more adept at working with them can help.


@JoJo thanks alot for ur help :slight_smile:

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First welcome @Salsawy to your DIY journey on ELR, and realize this is all sincere advice. Also realize I could have the exact recipe and it may not be of much help. DIY is complex enough and cloning is more of an advanced skill. One of my best examples is Honeybee which tastes pretty much just like honey. While it has Cream Fresh and Cookie and marshmallow, anyone would be hard pressed to guess the ingredients and clone just from vaping the finished product.

I would guess many people here started like you …wanting to recreate something familiar. The journey however takes everyone down an unexpected path, and @MasterElixirs advice is best. Look for recipes in your flavor profile, buy some flavors and make a similar top-rated recipe. A good search might be “pineapple”


On the right of your results page click the word (its a link) “Rating” so the most popular Company’s flavor rises to the top. Click that flavor and read the “Notes” section. Then click the “Recipes” section below. Once expanded click the word “Rating” (on the right) so the highest rated recipes come to the top. You can do this for several of the Pineapple flavors that came up in your first search example: (Pineapple (TPA) and Golden Pineapple (CAP).

This is a very personal thing and we cannot assist, but I can guarantee you can find and make a juice even better than the one which you desire at this moment …plus you have much to learn re: DIY juice-making and this is how to move forward. A key is choosing a high rated recipe which has been upvoted by previous mixers, so you can spend your time and money wisely on the right flavors and enjoy success along the way.

Oh and always listen to @JoJo :wink: Me? never listen to me



So, based on the ELR database here’s a recipe you might could try:

5% – Golden Pineapple (Cap)
2% – Passion (Passionfruit) (FA) (Or maybe 4% Passionfruit (Cap))
3% – Kiwi (FA)
1-2% – Marshmallow of your choice

IMO, no Hawaiian or tropical fruit drink is complete without coconut, so I’d add like 3% Coconut (Cap) as well if I made it. I might also consider adding or swapping the Passion out for Flavorah’s Tropical Punch at 2%. I don’t have all the flavors or I’d give it a whirl. :wink:


You are the nicest person. That was so awesome of you to help!


Welcome to the fun!

To everyone’s point, mixing is difficult even when you have mentors. BTW welcome to the best group of mentors on earth!

Let me give you 4 pieces of advice:

  1. Before you start buying anything learn how to use the data base on this site.

  2. Buy flavors to match 2-3 existing 5 star recipes on this site and that have been reviewed or commented on by at least 20 people. (homepage click on ratings button and the best come to the top) Or you will spend money on things that don’t work and you will kick yourself like I did for 6 months.

  3. Don’t try to clone until you do this a while and learn what works and what doesn’t for you.

  4. Break down your VG with 4% Distilled Water and 1% Expensive Vodka and your flavors will blend better into your mixes. (Just trust me on that one)

Good Luck!


Thanks again @JoJo for ur amazing help :slight_smile:


Thanks @BoDarc very much, it really helps :slight_smile:


Thanks @Maureeenie :slight_smile:


I’ve been trying to get a Sonrise Clone to work for ages! Just started DIY a while ago, but this is what I’ve come up with, hope it helps!

Kiwi Double (TPA)- 10%
Passion fruit (TPA) 7%
Strawberry (ripe) (TPA) 4%
Sweetener 4%

You can also try adding 1.5% Pineapple, I used Capella but its still quite overpowering.

The quest for a Sonrise clone begins (again)!


I love Sonrise. This is not an exact clone but similar and I really like it.Maybe more than Sonrise.

TFA Strawberry Ripe 6%

TFA Hawaiian Drink 1%

CAP Golden Pineapple 1%

FA Passion Fruit 0.5%

TFA Kiwi Double 0.5%


That looks really good Imma try it !


I like this recipe even better and think it is closer to Sonrise:

TFA Strawberry Ripe 11%

TFA Hawaiian Drink 2%

CAP Golden Pineapple 1%

FW Sweetener 1%

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Hello Amy did you ever try out the Sonrise recipe, im trying to create this one for awhile. Thanks.

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I think I do have this in my steep box I’ll have to check. I know I don’t have Cap’s Pineapple but intended on plugging in INW’s Pineapple.